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This opening page for Walthamstow Memories follows on a tradition of revision, amendment and change for the website since its beginnings in 2001 when John Knowles, with the help of John Newell, tentatively started with their own memories and photos to recall the E17 they knew as children. World War ll had ended but the rationing of basic foodstuffs continued until 4th July 1954 over a year after the Coronation of the Queen. The 'Sixties' followed with enormous social and economic changes as we recovered from the austerity of the War and the rationing years. For most of us it is the little things that we remember. Things that we thought may have only impacted on our families and our lives but realise now that it was pretty much the same for all of us.

In 2009 Daniel J Quinn joined us as co-editor of Walthamstow Memories. Following John Knowles retirement from website development in 2015, Daniel took on the management and development of the website. He undertook an extensive redevelopment, created a celebratory three-day event in E17 based at the Rose & Crown with a mayoral reception, a programme of visits, entertainment and local history talks and fundraising for The Vestry House Museum. We also know that Daniel corresponded with many of you and was always ready to support a variety of projects and requests.

In 2009 John Newell and I started the Walthamstow Memories Facebook Group, affiliated to the website, as an immediate way to allow people to share memories, exchange views, chat and debate. Daniel joined us as an Admin. after his first major redevelopment of the website.

In recent years Daniel moved to Spain and after some difficulties in getting a wifi signal in his new home, he redeveloped the website again adding new features and content. He returned to Italy not long before his passing.

Fortunately, Daniel’s legacy of website development will not be lost. The site and its original domain name ( and content will remain in memory of his work and its value as an online resource for local history. GO TO DANIEL J QUINN'S E17

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John Knowles and John Newell will take on the role of the website's managers and developers with additional pages.

Please let us know what you would like us to add to the Website and our Facebook Group or changes to the way we present information and photos. Every time we add something to this site we honour the work of Daniel that went before us. We are always pleased to hear from individuals or organisations about the history of Walthamstow.
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Did you know?

From St Mary's Church, Walthamstow's Website

The church has been associated with notable people throughout its history – the renowned 19th century artist William Morris was baptised in St Mary’s (you can still see the font Morris was baptised in), the Tudor merchant Sir George Monoux (who had been Lord Mayor of London) was a member of the church, and diarist Samuel Peyps used to visit friends near the church and once attended a service at St Mary’s that he found so boring he pulled out a pocket-sized book of Latin plays to read instead!



Have a nostalgic trip through the advertisements of the past from Walthamstow on Daniel J Quinn's E17 - all set to vintage piano music... you'll love it!

Daniel J Quinn's E17 - Old Walthamstow Advertisements

Personal Photographs

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” - Aaron Siskind

Family Records

The 1921 census is due out in January 2022. A good time to review family records and research - We can help by featuring your own research requests from ancestors in E17

Your own stories

There are hundreds of memories and photos on Daniel J Quinn's E17