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This section contains: 
  • A letter from Jessie Simmons, who very kindly provided all the items here;
  • A Picture Gallery
  • Minutes from a meeting
Letter from Jessie Simmons
Dear Daniel,
I am enclosing herewith the photographs that I found at my brother's house, after he passed
away on the 29th May, 2011.

There are no dotes on the photographs but I think they were taken around 1960. I have also
enclosed a copy of the minutes of a meeting which mentions people and dates.
I didn't realise that the man who ran the organisation was called Mr Stewart - I thought his first name was Stuart. My husband worked with Mr Stewart at Micanite and Insulators in
Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow, and he introduced him to my brother, although my
husband was never part or the Young Braves.

My brother was an engineer by trade, but was also an amateur photographer. When the
braves went to camp, my brother drove a car, with an attached trailer, that contained a
generator, to supply the electricity. He also took all the photos. Some of them are just proofs
but, of the ones that are printed out, it seems that the camps were at Windsor and Corfe

I think Mr Stewart married a girl whose name was Audrey and she already had a daughter,
named Heather, who was about 8 years old. Not too sure about this, but I have a
photograph somewhere of the little girl taken at my sister's house in Worthing, where
Audrey also lived. The Young Braves were disbanded soon afterwards, when Mr Stewart died
of cancer.

My brother's name was Henry William Richard Pearcy, although he was only ever called
Mick. He never married and always lived in Chingford so, when he passed away, I went over
to the UK to sort out his possessions. My husband too has recently passed away, after the
cancer that he had been suffering with for years, finally caught up with him. It is only now
that I have had the time to sort out all the paperwork belonging to both of them.

I daresay some of the people who visit the Walthamstow site will find it interesting,
especially if they recognise some of the people and places. The photos are part of history
now which is why I didn't want to just throw them out.

Kind Regards
From Jessie  - April 2015
The Young Braves Association, Walthamstow (H. Maynard School)
Minutes of Meeting - Friday 18th, 1960
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