Feb 2021 - A few hints from the Editor

How to move around

A menu is always available (it may be hidden right now: look for a ) at the top of the left side of the screen and click on it to see the menu). Click on it again and it will disappear.

How do I reply to an email message?

Almost all email messages posted in the 'Postbags' end like this:

(Name of the email's author) Private Reply Public Reply

The buttons at the bottom right of the box give you two choices:
A 'Public Reply' means that your email is sent to the author and will also be copied to the WM site and will in due time appear in the 'Postbag'.
(By the way, if you receive a 'Public reply' to a message you have posted, make sure you use the 'reply to all' option on your email software, if you want the "conversation" to continue as "Public").

A "Private Reply" means sending an email just to the author. Such an email will not appear on the site.

Month selection in the Postbags

At the top of a Postbag page, you will see this:

Choose Month...

It enebles you to 'jump' to a particular month, thus avoiding to scroll down what can be a very long page.
At any moment, you may use the 'arrow' in the right bottom corner of the page to return to the 'top'.
Each Month's heading also contains a button 'Got to top'.
Note: since the emails in the earliers 'Postbags' (up to 2009) are not dated, this selection is not available.

"Thread" Filter in the Postbags

Right below the 'Month selection' (see above) you will see this:

This enebles you to filter the emails, according to the thread you select: only those who meet the 'thread' are listed.
It is useful if you are just interested in a particular theme (i.e.: 'schools' or 'family search'). The 'Show all' option (default) lets you see all the emails.
Note: since the emails in the earliers 'Postbags' (up to 2009) do not have a 'thread', this selection is not available.

Search boxes

On some pages (i.e.: 'Personal memories' & 'Lost Streets') you'll find a search box like this:

This enebles you to perform a 'filter search' in the first column of a table of data. As you type, the word (or fragment of) will be searched and only the records that fit will be listed.
Try it now in the 'Lost Streets' page!

Transitional notes

The transition to the new, re-styled Walthamstow memories site has involved editing over 100 pages, handling the display of 1000+ images, checking thousands of links: in spite of having verified things many times, something might have slipped through and an error might pop up.
At times I wish I was Azimov's R. Daneel Olivaw - the very efficient andorid-robot in "The Foundation"... but I'm not, I'm only human and prone to errors!
Please be patient and, if you wish, report to me (Daniel the editor - Editor's mail).
Any suggestions on how to improve the site are also welcome!

Known issues I'm working on:
  • Some tables (i.e.: Lost Streets) are very wide and may not be comfortably displayed on smartphones or tablets.
  • Some images in the Postbags may not display properly due to their size;

Other commonly asked questions are dealt with in the FAQs page, but feel free to email me for any further information: Email Daniel