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Hello John, Like many respondents, I found your website by chance, and I very much admire what you have done! I've not read much yet - it's late at night and to be honest, I was about to shut the pc down - but I will come back to look and read a lot more. I'll also tell my sister about it, as I am sure she would be interested. I was born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital in 1956, and my sister was born at home in Rectory Road 18 months later. Our parents were both Walthamstow people; dad died last year but mum is still there, and I visit a couple of times a year. Changed a lot hasn't it!! But its the things that survive that fascinate me. If I can, I will write my own Walthamstow memories on here one day. Many of my childhood recollections are clearer than things that happened a lot later. I will enjoy reading other folk's offerings - I'm sure they'll set off a lot more that's hidden away in my own memory banks! Regards,

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My name is Les Drew. I Lived at 26 Markhouse Rd for the first 25 yrs of my life, next to Markhouse Rd School, which I attend until they finally let me out at age 15. Became an animator (cartoon films) and emigrated to Montreal, Canada at 25, to work for the National Film Board of Canada until I retired in 1997. If anyone remembers me please email and tell me your life story. Careful, though, you might get mine! Fondest memories of Walthamstow.

P.S.: I have often wondered what happened to people I once knew like the Hampshire's of 17 Markhouse Ave., Jill Savage, Barbara Adams, and Jacqueline Phare and her friend Margaret.

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John - I just sent you an update on my new e-mail address and just now realized I did not add my name. Duh! It is Tas Richardson, and I have some memories and pictures of my family in Walthamstow on your wonderful site. Also I did not realize you were involved with various Noel Coward websites. He has long been one of my favourite entertainers and have recordings and books gathered over the years, and will be viewing these websites with much pleasure. Again, my new e-mail address is: tasjude@shaw.ca Cheers,

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Hello John, Do you know the trade name of the above Walthamstow company which was very sucessful in the fifties, sixties and seventies. Thanks,

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Greetings from Canada John. I have recently embarked on the journey of tracking my families roots in England. I have just received the marriage certificate of my grandmother who married in 1913 in the St. Andrew Parish Church. There is no street address and I have not been successful in finding it in any searches - I am wondering if perhaps the name has been changed over the years. Do you have any knowledge of this church John? If so, I would appreciate a name or address so that I can follow-up and hopefully get a picture or two of it. Thank you.

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Hello.....My grandfather lived in Downsfield road in Walthamstow and he would like to put the following message on the website...George Hale would like to contact friends of the Springfield Road Gang 1940 - 1945.
Many thanks ....

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I was born in 1938 in Carisbrooke Road Nursing Home. My school years were spent at Coppermill Lane Infants School,then their Junior School and after passing the 'eleven plus' exam when eleven years old I went to South West Essex County Technical School firstly in Winns Avenue and then Forest Road, next to the Assembly Hall and the Town Hall. Until marriage I lived in Courtenay Road. First recollections are running home from Infant School for the first two days and startling my mum by opening our front door myself by reaching for the key on a string through the letter box. Because I was not evacuated I have strong memories of ack ack guns firing,planes overhead,searchlights,barrage balloons and running down the garden to our Anderson Shelter when the air raid sirens went where we would peek out the sackcloth door curtain to watch the flying bombs known as 'doodle bugs' with their engines roaring until they stopped and dropped. On December 1st 1944 at night a V2 rocket fell at the top of our street in Blackhorse Road. Our windows all blew in and when we went out into the street water was gushing everywhere and families were trying to find out if neighbours were safe. Several children from our Infants school perished in the blast. Happier memories are going to Saturday morning pictures at the ABC Dominion in Buxton Road and visiting nearby High Street especially Manzies Pie and Mash shop which we again visited this year and which appears not to have changed. I also recall my parents taking me to the Palace Theatre just opposite the Carlton Cinema. Outside this Cinema was a stall where the vendor sold bottles of sarsparilla shouting ''take a bottle home,good for the blood''. The Cinema at the Bell Corner was always a good place to go during school holidays to see 8 cartoons, a Flash Gordon or Captain Marvel serial and a feature film,usually a western with Hopalong Cassidy all for one shilling !! (5p). Shops remembered are Woolworths at the bottom of the High Street, Frank Lipscombes bike shop in Markhouse Road, and especially the Dolls Hospital and Batemans model shop just past the Palmerston Road & Willow Walk junction. A good shop to purchase jokes and tricks was that owned by footballer Jim Lewis of Walthamstow Avenue F.C. at the Forest Road / Palmerston Road junction. We also bought fishing tackle here. As our Warners flat had no bathroom regular trips were made to The Baths at the top of the High Street. Here you paid the fee and were then issued with soap and a towel and allocated a booth at the side of the pool. If the bath water was not hot enough you had to shout out to the attendant ''hot in number 6'' and he would turn the tap outside until you told him to stop. A number of Swimming Galas were held here and I recall seeing Roy Romain introducing the audience to the Butterfly stroke. Most preferred local haunt was St James Park with its swing park with its high slide and witches hat and 'The Jungle' behind the park where you could swing on a rope over the brook - HAPPY DAYS!

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Hello John,

I wonder if you can help. In the early 60’s I worked with a guy called Derek Roll. He was a drummer (as I am) and we worked together in the West End in a music shop. He was in the early version of the 60’s band named “The Riot Squad”. I am sure he came from Walthamstow.
Can anybody put me in touch with him please?


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Hello John,

Like many others I stumbled across your website by accident and to my utter surprise my name was mentioned in a very long letter by Les Cole.

Reading through the letter this has to be my school-friend known to me as Nobby Cole. I tried the two emails that I found on your site but my emails were returned undelivered.

Would you be able to send me his correct email address. By a fantastic coincidence Nobby lives in Calgary, Western Canada, as I do. I would love to contact him. (Les' email address is: lcole@acitechnologies.ca)
Many thanks

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Dear John

I am researching my grandfather's old business.....Lidstones the drapery stores in the high street.
When he retired in 1946 he sold out to the Co Op. I appreciate that you are in touch with a much younger audience
for the ones who will remember my grandfather's stores are going to be well over 70 years old but if you do happen
to know anyone I should love to hear from them.

Kind regards

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I am a STOWIE, a very old one but still a Stowie.
Reading the emails brought back many memories and really got my grey cells working. I was born and brought up near St. Saviour's Church in Markhouse Road. One memory was that of a table tennis club I just cannot recollect the name of. I joined when it was under some arches in Boundary Road, Hoe Street end but it move to Wadham Lodge near the Crooked Billet. Are there any old ping pong players from the era say l955 to l964 or anyone who can has a better memory than me, please let me know.

Also, I have been told there is a Lily Kendall who attended Markhouse Road School in the late 50's and is enquiring about three sisters, Jean, Anne & Joan who lived in Verulam Avenue. If she would like to contact me, I have some information.

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Please find attached a summary of my life in Walthamstow which I would like other people to have the opportunity to read and hopefully will put me in touch with old friends.

Eddie Whybrow'sMemories pdf


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Hello John

I have just been looking on the website again to see if there are any responses to my posting but I see you have not had a chance to upload it yet.

I appreciate you must be a very busy man!

I would be very grateful however, if you could send me a quick email to let me know when you have had the chance.

Kind Regards

Eddie Private Reply Public Reply

Hi John

i have found your site fascinating but have been unable to contact anyone. Perhaps you could contact me and I will be able to relove things. There is someone by the name of Amanda whose relatives lived in Hervey Park Road, that is where I lived during my childhood and have very many happy memories.

Look forward to hearing from You


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HI there John,
So glad to see that your site is still going strong. I have recommended this place to so many people and now send the page link to them so they have no excuse not to see your wonderful work. You are an inspiration to us all for all you have done to bring all us "Old Walthamstownians" together again.

Thanks for all your hard work...When you have the site up and running properly I shall have some more memories for you.

All the best to you and yours, from Canada

Dave and Sylvie
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Hi John
Have I got this right - all I do is write an email under one of the headings eg postbag, memories etc - and you consider it for posting? So there is no actual sign-in preocedure as such? If so, HOORAY!!!
Briefly, my chap was born and raised in Walthamstow and wants to find photos of the people and places of his boyhood. Also wants to locate his buddy from school. If it's ok I would like to post some entries under appropriate headings?
Thanks John


Hi my chap Robert Hardy lived in Collard Rd Walthamstow in the 1950s, before it was knocked down in the late 1950s and flats built there. Another location he is nostalgic about is Linford road, off Wood St. now a car park: the old butcher's shop which had a conker tree around the back, and Telford's toy shop. (Both in Wood Street.) If anyone can send any photos of any of these locations please, he would love to see them! He remembers Ron Dove, who he used to knock around with. Is he still in Walthamstow perhaps? Bob's family were relocated to Billericay when Collard Road was cleared, but returned to Walthamstow to live in Northcott Road. Many thanks.

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Hi John,

I have been asked to track/trace the family of a friend of my mother-in-laws. If you could post the details it would be greatly appreciated.

John Day d.o.b **/06/1937 is trying to trace details of his family. His birth was registered in Walthemstow East and his mothers name was Monica O'Neil (O'Neill). Fathers surname was Day. John's father died in or around 1938 and is thought to have died in a hospital in either, Wanstead, Leighton, Leighton Stone or Wipsnead (sorry spelling may be well out!) at the age of 39.

Any information or possible clues on this please e-mail me at c.daymond@btinternet.com

Many thanks

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Dear John
I was led to beleive this was a tradition peculier to Walthamstow. can any one shed some light on this?
Best Wishes
John McLaren
A Walthamstow resident
for 63 yrs Private Reply Public Reply

I wish to advise of my change of email address. This is now
barbpowell@bigpond.com. I am wondering whether you could arrange to change
it accordingly on the entry I have in the Memories. I also would like to
change some of the text as there is some editing to be done. Would this be
Kind regards.
Barbara Powell Private Reply Public Reply

(05 May 2011) Please Note: Barbara's email address has since changed to [this].

My grandmother owned and ran the grocer's shop on the corner of Chestnut Avenue. She sold it in 1960. I don't know when she moved in but she was there during the war. Do you have any records or photos or information on it?

Christine Ansell Private Reply Public Reply

St Marys children home from the 70's. Does any one remember this place, were you there?

Sophia Essence Private Reply Public Reply

Dear Sir

I wonder if you could help me out with an answer for a quiz I am doing and one of the questions is about Walthamstow. I have spent hours on the internet looking and not come up with anything - found your site and wondered if you might be able to help. The question is "Which convenience product was launched from a factory in Walthamstow in 1945? and the answer begins with A - I have thought of many things but not getting anything completely concrete. Thanks very much in anticipation of your help.

Yours sincerely

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I put a letter in the 2006 postbag – my email address is not correct and a couple of people have tried to contact me and their e-mails were returned. Could you alter it for me or tell me how to change it. The correct one is sallyy@westnet.com.au Thanks. Great site and I love the post bags.

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Hi John can i please leave a message in your family history section.
Can anyone help tring to find anything about my family the Freemans lived in Jewel road 1919/1974 Edward charles freeman elizabeth freeman they had 2 sons George and frank many thanks
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Hello, My name is Sue Stott and I contacted you some years ago when I left a brief recollection of childhood in Walthamstow. I have a different e-mail address now and would like to alter my contact details to sue@larkrise.net

I would also be pleased to leave a note on your family history area of the site. I am interested to contact anyone remembering the Attfields or Drakes in Walthamstow either at 11 Albert Road from about 1949 until 1966 (just off Hoe Street) or earlier pre war till 1949 at 16 Verulam Avenue. I’d also be very interested to hear of anyone who remembers the Attfields at Gamuel Road Primary School. Headmasters Mr Childs and Mr Bramhall.
Thank you very much
Sue Stott Private Reply Public Reply

I was searching around the web to see if there was anything about my parents that was of interest. I was born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital on the 23rd Feb 1947. My mother was working at the time as a nurse in Connaught Hospital in Walthamstow. We lived initially with my aunt at 188 Queens Road Walthamstow. At the time my grandmother lived at 3 Richmond Road, Walthamstow. This road has long gone and given way to new development. I have lived in Australia for around 30 years but have been back to Walthamstow on a number of occasions to see my past connections. Both my father’s parents, who lived at Richmond Road, are buried in the cemetery in Queens Road.
I went to school at Selwyn Road in Highams Park and then later at Sir George Monoux Grammar School in Walthamstow. My grandfather, buried in the Walthamstow cemetery, was a Sergeant in the 19th Hussars and served in the Boer war and in the China Campaign and was decorated for gallantry. My Father, his brother, both my Aunts, and my cousin, went to the school in Queens Road.

As you can see the early years of my life were very much tied up with Walthamstow and I often scan the Internet to see if there are any interesting items about my past. Interestingly enough I worked at one time with an engineer from Perth in western Australia. We were in Sydney and discussed our past and were both surprised to discover we were both born at Thorpe Coombe Hospital in Walthamstow on the same day!


Keith Farmer
Brisbane, Australia Private Reply Public Reply

Hi John

I am really interested in your site, but unfortunately I have not been able to reply to anyone, perhaps you could tell me where I am going wrong.


Dot Gregg Private Reply Public Reply

Does anyone know if Strutts the sweetmakers from Markhouse Road, are still in operation anywhere.
I still yearn for the homemade winter mixture and coconut ice, well any of their sweets really.
Kathy Private Reply Public Reply

I fell over this site by accident while trolling the history of my school. The school I went to is/was in Shernhall street Named St Georges RC secondary modern .
I have fond memories of my school life but alas since I moved out many years ago the area has changed so much and I have lost track of some great friends that
I went to school with and since both my parents are no longer alive I don’t visit the area as much as I would like. I attended my school up to 1966 when I left to
Join the London Electricty board in church hill road that has long since gone . I noticed in your web site the Alexander Patton band you also had the Sam Apple
Pie Band who were blues orientated and I think still perform sometimes under another name ? ( Jimmy Riddle ) ?.As I said I moved out of the area many years ago
As did my brothers and sister but despite this I still regard Walthamstow as my home and would like to know how to research my school history in depth especially
The staff at the time I attended some or most of whom would have passed away by now not that I wish for there demise as I always got on well with my Teachers (sad or what) but it seems there was more respect for Authority at that time .It would also be good to find out what fortunes have been like for the friend si had at that time.

Nice to find a site that is relevant to where I lived…

Dick Goss Private Reply Public Reply


I am trying to locate a lost friend of and for my mother.

His name is David Seymour Howell and is born around 1937.
He went to Walthamstow in 1953, he was from North Chingford.

If you have any resources or contact numbers, it would be delightful to receive your kind help.

Thank you!

Bettina Snyder
Berlin, Germany Private Reply Public Reply

Hi John

Only came across your site a few days ago and thought it deserves praise, it brought back memories so much so that I will be sending in "my memories" very soon.

I was looking in particular for The St Andrews Road and William Elliot Whittingham School memories. We, the family moved into 118 St Andrews Road in about 1941, I must have been just under 5. I went to the infants school in that road, the junior school and remember the barrage balloon falling onto a house and the bomb which fell I believe on the Salvation Army hall a few hours after 200 or so children had moved out to board the buses to be evacuated.

I was hoping to see a few names from my school days, I will keep my eyes open and keep visiting

Thank you
and best wishes

what is your full name? (its John Hunter Knowles)

Fred Turner
Plymouth Private Reply Public Reply

I've only just found your web site and wonder if it's still active?
(John:Yes but only just!)

(no name) Private Reply Public Reply

My name is Peter Tinsley. I left a message for contact on your site a long time ago.

My old contact email was pete.online@shaw.ca

I now have a new contact email pete.live@hotmail.com

Would you change it for me please.
Pete Private Reply Public Reply

My great grandfather james stewart, carpenter of walthamstow committed suicide on the GER Walthamstow in July 1914. I would dearly love to find out if there were circumstances around his suicide to make him do such a thing. Where might I be able to find out please. Thank you
E Armour Private Reply Public Reply

Wondered if anyone can recall my Grandads cycle shop,have enclosed a couple of pictures
of my mum and aunts dancing in front of it in the 1920/30s the shop was situated in Boundry
Road Walthamstow but i am unable to remember exactly when it closed,anyone out there
with a very good memory may be able to enlighten me, my grandads name was Buckmaster
there was 2 brothers Charlie and Reg,and 5 sisters

Granada Cycle Shop
Granada Cycle Shop

(née BUCKMASTER) Private Reply Public Reply

Hello there !

The Walthamstow site I too discovered by accident, and have just this second started to trawl through it. My brother (1946) and myself (1951) both born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital.
We lived in Rosebank Grove so know Borwick Avenue well.
I used to go to the dentist on the corner of Borwick Avenue and Forest Road, opposite the Fire Station.
We both went to Scruffy McGuffie. I remember the head was Mr Tomlinson at the time, and recall Mr Pershcky, Miss Tuckwell, Mrs Butterworth and Mr Norton.
I recall hours spent on what we called the bomb site in Gainsford Road though I think it may have been where pre-fab housing put up after war had since been demolished. Also remember Cornish’s stores and the sweet shop and off licence opposite. I recall collecting a princely 30/- (30 shillings) standing outside there one November 5th with a Guy a friend and I had made, and thought I had struck oil.

I have lots of memories of the High Street too, a virtual treasure store for kids. Barnes & Harrods, The Dolls Hospital, Al’s records, right down to Woolies with wooden floors and gas lamps.

Lloyd Park and the William Morris Gallery. Dad was born in Gaywood Road opposite the park entrance.

I had a look at current house prices in Rosebank Grove and unbelievably in the region of £300 + .

I’m going to copy this mail to my brother who I know will have lots more to add I know.

Vivienne Private Reply Public Reply

21/04/08 - Hi John,

I've come across this nice site whilst looking for historical bits on Walthamstow, where my grandfather Daniel J Quinn was elected Chairman of the Urban Council in 1922. He and my grandmother lived at 1 ballard Almshouses, Maynard Street up to 1962, shortly before she died. He died in 1943. I have a 1947 picture of the Almshouse, which I am attaching.

Squire Almshouses, Walthasmtow

I would love to get in touch with anyone who might have some info on those days, but emails, forum etc.. seems frozen to 2007!
Kindest regards to all and thank you for the work you've put into this site. Keep going please!
Daniel Private Reply Public Reply

07/05/08 - Hi John!

has the "Walthamstow memories " site frozen?

(From John: My apologies - I am the frozen one but hopefully I can unfreeze the site)
Kindest regards

Daniel J Quinn Private Reply Public Reply

Hi John. (I've sent this again incase you were still having problem with the other email address)

I know you've had some problems re emails not arriving. I hope they are now resolved. Would you be so kind as to update my email address when you have a chance? I'm sure I'm missing lot of interesting contacts due to the old e.mail address.
As a matter of interest, in my article I mention a school friend of mine by the name of Alan Ashton. Well, would you believe last week, I received a phone call at work from what the receptionist said was " a mystery caller" It was Alan, who not only lives in Canada, but the same city. I haven't seen him for 50 years. We have set up a meeting over lunch and look forward to be talking about old times.
So, your web site has a wonderful significance in being able to renew old friendships and meeting new friends.I was only his diligence that he was able to track me down by reviewing
The Calgary phone book and phoning anything that had the initials ACI.
Keep up the good work and when, at your earliest possible moment you could change my email address it would be most appreciated.
Kind Regards

Les Private Reply Public Reply