We all tend to think that Shops and other Trades are there to stay.. forever! But of course time, commercial demands and circumstances do change and many of the Trades disappear.

Listed here are articles concerning Trades that no longer exist in Walthamstow.
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Title Author Received Notes
EverReady Co. Steve Hennah 04-04-2021
Achille Serre factory Bill Bayliss 22-02-2012
AEC Company Bill Bayliss 09-03-2012
Andrex paper factory Bill Bayliss 08-06-2012
Baird & Tatlock Bill Bayliss 16-02-2015
Brewery Tap Bill Bayliss 27-07-2013
Britains Toys Bill Bayliss 10-05-2014
Chingford Rd. Swimming Pool Bill Bayliss 20-12-2014
Cooks Ferry Inn Bill Bayliss 09-11-2012
Ensign Cameras factory Bill Bayliss 18-10-2012
Ever Ready Co. Bill Bayliss 07-11-2011
F R Shadbolt Bill Bayliss 30-05-2012
F Wrighton & Sons Ltd Bill Bayliss 24-11-2011
Hammond & CHampness Bill Bayliss 25-11-2014
Henry Taylor - School Outfitters Bill Bayliss 21-07-2014
London Rubber Co. Bill Bayliss 22-08-2014
Rael Brook Factory Bill Bayliss 25-11-2011
W B Bawn & Co. Ltd., a Walthamstow landmark Bill Bayliss 25-08-2011
Walthamstow Business List (by Type) Walthamstow Memories 13-05-2015 *LARGE FILE*
Walthamstow Business List (by Name) Walthamstow Memories 13-05-2015 *LARGE FILE*
What happened to Hitchman dairies? Bill Bayliss 27-09-2013
Xylonite (Halex) Company Bill Bayliss 18-01-2013