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Hello anyone,

I have a silver medal with a red shield in the centre with 3 swords, and a crown on the top, by the hallmark I think it is 1913 around the edge it says - Auxiliary and Minor F.L. Walthamstow. It is hallmarked has the initials R.U. on the back, I cannot find out what it was for, does anyone know please? thanks.

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Good Afternoon,

I attended William Morris from 1949 to 1954/5; I lived in Chingford at that time…are my recollections of interest to you? Regards,

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Hi John,

Came across this site by accident when I was searching for my old school. I went to St George's Secondary Modern School which changed its name to Cardinal Wiseman Secondary Modern. I attend school there from 1963 to 1968. I lived in Leytonstone catching 2 buses to get to school and was often late. I would love to hear from anyone who attended this school during those years.

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Re:Joseph Barrett Secondary School for Boys

Dear John, I think this is a great site and you are doing a grand job, does anyone who visits your site have any school photos of years 1954 class 1a 1955 2a 1956 3a 1957 4a. I hope somebody can help as I am trying to write some notes and my family didn't keep any photos

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this is Chris Webster née Bartlett..I wrote some memories a while ago to you. Just wanted to post a bit of sad news..A rocker/Ted named Lenny Thake died yeterday from Parkinsons. Many,many people knew him from "the Baths" and other venues. Some people knew him as Lenny "the twitch" Thake. A kind and caring person right up to the end. P.S. he taught myself and loads of other girls how to "jive".

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What a site!

I have just spent 2 hours reading past e-mails from 2001/007 great memories. My name is Brian Freeman i was born at Thorpe Combe hospital 1948 my sister was also born there 1953. We lived in Borwick Ave opposite Bangams factory, next door to us was my cousin John Wittey. We all attend Scruffy Mc Guffie school; does anyone remember class3a 1963 Steven South, Geoff Skuce used to live in Russel Road, Dave Carr, Janet Cox, Linda Evens, Janet Brown to name but a few. Please contact me we used to drink in the Lord Palmerston, remember the card games and upstairs for stag/hen nights. I now live in Swindon went back to Walthamstow last year not the same country now.

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How do I sign up to your web sight or become a member please? We lived in Granville Road, Walthamstow until 1954, my mother now 85 was born there and has many memories to share. Kind regards,

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Names and Places in Walthamstow E17:
The High Street, Granada, Carlton & Dominion Cinemas, the Palace Theatre (opposite the Carlton). Percivals the pram shop, Manzies the pie and mash shop, Wards the Butchers,Hoe Street Station (before the tube), St James St Station, Woolworths on the corner of St James St, Edwards The Jewellers where I bought my fist wives wedding
ring on the morning we were getting married, BHS half way up the High St, the two pubs The Cock the and The Chequers. The parks Lloyds Park and the Rec in Higham Hill, the Higham Hill Tavern, the Palmerston, The Bell Corner, the crooked Billet and the Standard.
My Schools, Roger Ascham Infants Headmistress Davidson, Roger Ascham Juniors Headmaster Mr Newton, form teacher Mr Allen, William Elliot Whitington later to become Sidney Chaplin Headmaster Mr W Acres form teacher Mr Horner. My friends Frank Bret, Geoff Bartram, Paul Mandel, the girls I remember Sylvia York, Joan Hutchinson, Christina Mitchell, Sue Roberts, Christine Richardson, Margaret Lockwood(Moggy).

Your site brings memories flooding back, I was born in No 1 Shaw Square in June 1945 and grew up to be Alan Crookes, did I have brothers and sisters? brothers Bill and Peter, Sisters Irene, Doris, Betty, Marie, Forie, and Joanne. we lived in Millfield Ave from 1951 and my father sadly passed away there. If anybody recognises any of the names I have mentioned and would like to contact me my e-mail is a.crookes@ntlworld.com. Thanks for sharing Walthamstow with so many people.

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Hi John,

I lived in Walthamstow all my childhood left Sidney Burnell school in 59 and moved to Eastbourne when I was 19...........
Can you tell me where I can get a blazer badge of the Walthamstow coat of arms ???? have tried the internet no luck as yet be grateful. Kind Regards

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I have just come across some stereoviews of Walthamstow - probably by a local photographer , taken in the 1860's , and wondered if anyone recognizes the houses , or even knows who might haved lived in them in the early 1860's , there are also some by the same photgrapher of Ulting , Woodham Walter , & Woodham Mortimer - the titles of the four photos sent are - Our home Walthamstow , Houses in Walthamstow ( Aunt Charlottes home ) , Our Home Walthamstow , garden view , & woodland scenery Walthamstow.

Please see attached scans (in the Gallery section)

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I'am looking for anyone who used to live in the prefabs situated in Grovesnor Park Road. My name is Dennis Allnutt and I lived in the middle prefab of the first row of three. I remember when we moved into the prefab we thought we had hit the jack pot, hot and cold water and a PrestCold fridge I think the year was 1946.
I attended Maynard Rd School and later Barrat Rd School also I was cub and boy scout at St Stephens Church Scout Group Mr French was the scout master he had a cobblers shop on Grove Rd I believe the church has now been demolished.

Funny how certain memories come back to you! Like attending the school clinic at Walthamstow Town Hall and having rubber tubes stuck up your nose never did find out what that was for also attending sun ray treatment, we all sat round a big lamp with goggles on and the was given a big tablespoon of Malt.

Later came the ABC Minors Saturday morning pictures and we all sung the signature tune to Blaze Away, sixpence I think it cost, and we got a serial, cartoon and main feature also the good old Wurlizer organ and the ping pong ball to guide as through the songs on the screen real value for money.

I also remember the bad smog's once as scouts we went out to guide the trolley bus's along Lea Bridge Rd towards Whipps Cross and when we got to the roundabout chaos broke out because we led the bus's on the wrong road and the pick up arms all became disconnected we just quietly left and merged in with smog "BE PREPARED".

I have plenty of other memories which I hope to put this site at a later date it has been very nostalgic for me to write this and I will only be to glad to hear from anyone who would like to share memories with me.

A big thank you to the web site organizers.
Kind Regards

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Can anyone tell me where MICHAEL DENTON is, last seen Christmas 1953 on leaving Wm McGuffie. Friend Brian Williams has been looking for him for years. Brian intends visiting this country from 31st May 2007, from his home in South Australia. If I can find Michael it will be a wonderful surprise for Brian. Please help.

Lesley McFarlin
née Nickerson,
of 54-56 Hoe Street, Kemptons bedding shop.
(my Grandparents
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Happy New Year John,

I just looked up The Spartans & found your excellent Site (I am now on Broadband, so can linger!!) Slight error, in that our girl singer was Chris Anthony (short for Christina Antonioargieu, but couldn't use her real name because of the troubles in Cyprus), if my memory is correct, but well done indeed! At the time I was going out with a "Julie" (whose Ruby Wedding & husbands 65th we went to last year) so that may be where you got that name from. On the other hand I think you "knew" our singer better than me, if my memory is correct about a trip back from a gig in the van, if you take my meaning. Are you still playing??

I sometimes sit in (with the same old Harmony) at the Bewicks Rock & Roll Club at the White Swan in Maldon (www.bewicks.com), if anyone is going to sing some early Elvis, & wants a rusty Scotty Moore. Lou, playing the Green Gretch is one of my ex guitar pupils, & I am just off to go to a fortnightly get together for a practice So, remember, to quote the Everlys at the Albert Hall, "You're never too old to Rock'nRoll!!" Keep well, Kindest Regards,

Howard Watling
(no email address)


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Hello anyone

I have a silver medal with a red shield in the centre with 3 swords,and a crown on the top, by the hallmark i think it is 1913 around the edge it says - auxiliary and minor f.l. walthamstow it is hallmarked has the initials r.u. on the back ,i cannot find out what it was for ,does anyone know please? thanks from

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Does anyone know of a school called St. Georges and a convent nearby Sherhall Road around the 1936 year? Trying to trace my mums history but have drawn a blank. Thanks.

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Hello from sunny Oz, I hope that you will be able to help me. I’ve been trying to contact Trevor at the following email address but to no avail. trev@chingford.worldonline.co.uk

I grew up in Chingford too and attended McEntee Technical School until 1960, so thought we might have some news we could exchange.

Bye for now,

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Wow I love this!

I grew up in London and often went to the old Walthamstowe Market and hung out with my sister my family well my granddad all lived and was associated with the gypsy site there, surnames were Lee and Lambert and probably the whole site were related to them if anyone remembers these families it was about 1960s 70s if ok to leave a mail kellyhoward82@yahoo.co.uk I always used to find money in Walthamstowe Market: found fifty pound note on my 11th birthday was the best day of my life as well

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I am trying to discover the demise of the Sidney Burnell school, A headmaster , Mr Paul, was a teacher at a school in Welwyn and I am trying to discover what happened to him afterwards and if any one may have a more recent picture of him as headmaster.

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My great grand parents went to Walthamstow from the n east, my great grandfather was a printer compositer I know they lived at 24 Farnaborough Road in the 1901 census thats were my grandad was born he had one sister and four brothers I kno that my greatgrandfather died young and so did his wife: him in 1906 her in 1909 in West Ham Union Hospital were it say they lived at High Road Leyton, their daughter lived at Bisterne Avenue, Walthamstow. I no my grandad came back to the n east were he died in 1994 his sister I was told came back here and two of his brothers I can only summise that when their parents died the sister looked after the family she would have been around 21 at the time I dont no if she married when she was there or not, i would be interested to find out if my greatgrand parents were buried or cremated back then still searching and hoping thanks

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Hello Walthamstow!

I have a short cine film which was recorded by my father RS Burdon  while he was Metalwork Teacher 1956-1959 at Warwick Boys School (formerly Joseph Barrett Boys School) The film is of sports day 1957 at Billet Road Sports ground
Launch of a Canoe make in the woodwork shop at Whips Cross ponds Leytonstone
Cricket at Salisbury Hall Playing Fields All circa 1957. To view the film visit www.irtb.co.uk/warwickboys. If you think this would be of interest to your web site please add a link to this site. Or copy files to your own. Regards

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I was born in 1936 and lived in Walthamstow until 1954. This site is very good but wish subscribers would get their facts straight! So many errors as to where places were situated. Do all the subscribers live in the area of Blackhorse Road, what about the eastern side of Walthamstow like St.Johns road, Sturge ave, Brookscroft road and of course students of Chapel End School.
My memory of Walthamstow is very finely tuned from the age of four.

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Dear Brian Nightingale,

I stumbled across Walthamstow Memories the other night whilst looking up Walthamstow Ave Football Club. I read your e-mail and all the others… bought back so many memories. I remember you and Peter Dalton, although the others you mentioned I cannot recall but do remember however Ronnie Joyce and his brother Bernard and the Shepherd brothers, Johnny Nunn, Ronnie Reed, Dave Chandler who all lived in Fleeming Road. Then there was Ron Perryman who lived in Winns Ave.

In Carr Road there lived my cousins Roy and Brian Aldhous also Roy Arnold. Do you recall any of them? Other names spring to mind are Keith Todd, Brian Nurcombe, Brian Plant, Dave Chandler and Dave Cutler and Ken Pattison. My name is John Denton, born 1935, and lived at 117 Winns Ave next door to the small off-licence almost opposite Elphinstone Road. I have a brother Michael. We moved to Winns Ave early 1940

At one time I played for the Elphinstone football team…we played against Fleeming Road football team at Lloyds Park. We played brilliantly and only just lost 10-1. Still I must have made an impression, as I was transferred by mutual agreement to the Fleeming Road team.

I attended Winns Ave junior school until I was eleven. I can remember all the classes being led down to a place of safety when the air-raid sirens sounded. Fifteen years ago I made a nostalgic visit to Winns Ave School and found it hadn’t changed a bit apart from the wall, which in my school days divided the girls playing ground from the boys. It was rumoured that any boy found climbing over the wall would be shot. But I guess it was only a rumour.

Failing my eleven plus I was sent with all the other ‘failures’ to William McGuffie Sec Mod. The Headmaster was the dreaded J O’Driscoll… we all hated him. Our form master was a Mr E. Williams. Writing this is bringing a flood of memories back. Playing Cowboys and Indians in the bushes in Elphinstone Road

Lloyds Park where we played football and cricket and where, during the war years, the authorities dug trenches across the park making playing soccer much more interesting. If one kicked the ball into a trench it was a free kick for the opposition. Beckham never had that trouble. Remember the air-raid shelters near where the children swings were and the great excitement when a barrage balloon unit was stationed in the park.

Saturday afternoon during the soccer season we went to Walthamstow Ave football Club and, although we could never afford the entrance money, at halftime we were allowed in for nothing. After the match a chap with a board would walk around the pitch. On the board was a number which if it matched the number on your entrance ticket you’d win the match football.

Of course we never won the ball never having bought a ticket.

Before Priory Court was built the authorities stored a huge pile of coal slag quite close to the wall of the football ground. We would clamber to the top of this pile where we could have a good view of the match. Unfortunately due to the position of the coal heap and the Avenue ground one could only see one half of the pitch. When the ball disappeared from our view all we could do was listen to the crowd inside the ground to get any idea of what was happening.

Often visited the cinema at the Bell Corner. At one time they took to showing eight cartoons and a cowboy film always a great favourite.

Owing to our financial situation we could rarely afford to visit the Bell cinema as much as we wished, However we did came up with an ingenious plan. We would have a whip round that enabled one of us to buy a ticket; once in the cinema he would wait a minute or two then go into the Gents toilet. If it was clear he open the emergency doors, which opened into Hoe Street, and allow the rest of us to enter the cinema via the toilets. It worked well for a long time until one fateful day I had gone into the cinema, and, following our plan, opened the emergency doors. However there were more of us than usual and unfortunately we drew attention to ourselves by leaving en masse. It was doubly unfortunate that a member of the cinema staff saw us...

As we had rapidly dispersed throughout the cinema we thought we had got away with it yet again, but the Manager, who must have been advised of the situation, had other ideas. He stopped the film had all the lights turned on and announced to the audience that if those who hadn’t paid to come in didn’t leave immediately he would call the police. Half the audience got up and left.(including me)

Playing cricket in the street using the trees as the wicket, Saturday morning pictures at the Granada, the pie and mash shop down the High Street, standing on the top of the Anderson shelter in the garden watching a German doodle-bug coming over, cycle speedway races on the track we made on a bomb site in Greenleaf Rd…….memories memories.

I have a daughter and three sons and although they have far far more in the way of material goods than we did, I believe we, way back then, had far more than the youngsters of today

Will keep clicking ‘Memories of Walthamstow ‘..for me brings my past alive.

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I taught Art at Warwick Boys School from 1965 to 1988 and have many fond memories and photographs of those times. If anyone is interested please email me.
I'm so glad I found this site. Cheers,

Nils Ford
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