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I'm not sure if this is something you'd be able to help with, I found the website while trying to look for someone. My mum is trying to find her birth father and sisters that he later had. Would you be able to post something about it?
Thank you

Daniella SMITH Private Reply Public Reply

From Daniel: Sure! Just email me the details and I'll post your message

Hello Daniel

I am writing to request help from your readers about a hospital that may have been used by Walthamstow residents from 1913-1986. The hospital in question is Mother's Hospital locates at Lower Clapton Rd, Hackney. I was born in this hospital, though my parents had always lived in Walthamstow. Any information or stories would be much appreciated.
Kind regards

Ali MOHAMMED Private Reply Public Reply

Dear Daniel,

My name is Pauline and I came from Jamaica to settle in Leyton (Sedgewick Road) in 1968. My husband and I are very interested in local history and love researching Waltham Forest and the surrounding boroughs.
I wonder if you could answer a question for me, I would be very grateful. I remember there being a very large building at the end of Mark House Road, where the roundabout joins it with St James Street and South Grove. I think it was some kind of municipal building perhaps a local authority department for Birth, Deaths and Marriages. I remember the building had steps like the Town Hall (maybe not so many) and gothic columns.
I cannot find any references to the building or photographs to suggest that any such building existed. Am I imaging this building? My husband whose family settled in Birmingham and who didn't move to London until the 90s is convinced that I must be confused about the memory, but I am sure there was a building situated there of the type that I described.
I would appreciate it if you could give me a little of your expert knowledge to answer my nagging question before I go crazy.
Thank you for your time and assistance.
Kindest Regards

Pauline HUGHES Private Reply Public Reply


One evening whilst browsing eBay a couple of years ago, I came across three postcards which showed a familiar streetscape. It was the street that we had moved to a year or so previously: Fyfield Road in Upper Walthamstow.
The postcards had found their way to Bognor Regis and an antiques dealer who was selling them. Naturally, I snapped them up and they are now back in the road and houses they depict.
They show the houses just after they were built in 1934, with the original for sale signs! On the back of the cards, the musings of a resident in Hempstead Road, who was unusually pleased about this development happening on their doorstep, given that it probably interrupted their sylvan view down to the railway line.
I've tried to send scans of these to you via email but I keep getting failure notice, so if you would like to see them, please get in touch: I'd be happy for you to include them on your site.
My number is 0791****** (Privacy: email Daniel for phone no.), or feel free to reply to this email.

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Hi Daniel,
I am unsure that I gave you my required details, if I did then sorry to have wasted your valued time.
If you did by chance have posted a notification from a school friend named Tony Brookson please let me know as I am sure I saw his noticed.
At this time the phone rang and I tripped over a computer cable knocking over my coffee and soaking my lap top.
I wish you a happy Xmas and congratulate you on the time you spend running this site, well done

Robert Edward YOXEN
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I attended Maynard Road Junior and having failed the 11+ was sentenced to 4 years at Joseph Barrett Road Seniors until leaving in 1952. We had 4 houses - Gordon(red) Trenchard(blue) Livingstone(green) and Elgar(yellow) - Teachers were Mr. Legge (music), Mr. Hall (woodwork), Mr. Frost (science), Bob Downes (art) - class teacher Bob Estell and last and by all means least Mr. A.A. Maxwell (headmaster).
Some class pupils that spring to mind: Ronnie Attwell (a great 100 yard sprinter), John Kent (the perfect left foot), Peter Butterworth (Egghead), Terry Wheat (wheeler dealer), Tony Brookson (a good mate), Edwin Merry (kiss the girls and make them cry).
We played cricket at Buck walk, football at Salisbury hall close to Walthamstow Stadium (midget car racing and greyhound racing) which I think was owned the Chandler family.
I have a bet with my trouble and strife for £25 that . She reckons that I will not get a response even from one of you so please make an old man happy. Rob (AKA Bob Yoxen) you will be 80/81 years old.
Unable to find Joseph Barrett Secondary listed - Boys school was on the first floor and the Girls on the ground floor

Robert Edward YOXEN
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(more emails to come...)


(more emails to come...)

Hi Daniel

I would like to know of anyone surname Chapman from Walthamstow.
My Nan was Maud Chapman and my grandad was Alfred.
They had three sons: Alfred, George, William and one daughter Alice. I am Ann and I am Alice's daughter I was born in 1946. I have lost contact with all my cousins and would love to have news of them. We used to live in Markhouse Road next door but one to the Mission Hall. My maiden name was Collier my elder brother was Tony. My nan lived in Markhouse Road until the mid sixties then she went to live in Gosport Road corner of Ringwood Road with my uncle Will and aunt Lil.
Anumber information would be welcome.
It is so interesting being on this site thank you.

Ann BRIGNELL Private Reply Public Reply

I am researching the life of author and folklorist Eric Maple, who wrote extensively on folklore and witches in the late nineteeen sixties and early seventies for a book that I am writing.

Maple also courted the media in his ghost-hunting activities as well as being a public speaker at which he gave talks on the subjects of folklore and witches at Selbourne Walk at 'literary suppers'.

Maple was born in West Ham on 22nd January 1915 and died in 1994, the eldest son to William Alfred Maple and Edith Ann (née Baker) and father to Alan John Maple.

Eric Maple lived in Wanstead, E11 for most of his later adult years as did his son.

If any readers knew Eric Maple (and/or his family) or saw him speak at any of his public events or in fact had any contact with him, I would be very interested and greteful to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and any information can be sent to me 'privately'.

Kind regards

Andrea MILES Private Reply Public Reply

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10 August 2017 - SITE NEWS

Dear Friends, Followers & occasional Visitors,

  I would like to reassure you that Walthamstow Memories is gradually coming back to life, after a long period of e-silence.

  There is a new entry in the History Articles section, concerning the "Special Constabulary in Walthamstow 1940-43" by Peter Pleydell, who is also the author of "School Out Of Time", (under the name of John Halden).Former pupils of William Morris school, where Pleydell attended in 1966-71, may be particularly interested to read this book - which is based partly on his memories of school at that time. News in the "Literature Section".

  As always, any comments and suggestions from you are most welcome but don't forget to share your memories and pictures!

  Enjoy browsing your site & kindest regards

Hi Daniel,

I have enjoyed reading your William Morris page. I was a pupil at the school from 1966 to 1971.
Former pupils may be interested to read my book - which is based partly on my memories of school at that time. It is called 'School out of Time' by John Halden (my writing name), and is available from Amazon or Pegasus direct.
I hope people might find it interesting.


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3 February 2017 - SITE NEWS

Dear Friends, Followers & occasional Visitors,

  First of all, my very best wishes to you all for 2017!

  I finally managed to get my hands (but mainly... my mind!) back to the WM site, so I will gradually fill the gaps in the postbags. The current 2017 Postbag contains some of the latest emails received. More will follow.

  Dick Dunn's Walthamstow History Site: Very unfortunately, the site went down some time ago. I was informed that attempts are being made to recover all its contents. Quite fortunately, however, I had downloaded the site shortly after Dick's untimely death (Dec. 3rd, 2014).
Until things are sorted out, WM is hosting the mirror image of Walthamstow History [here]. Some pics or link may not be complete, but most of it is there!

  As always, any comments and suggestions from you are most welcome but don't forget to share your memories and pictures!

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Hi I posted this in 2011 and wondered if now 5 years later there may be someone who can help me

21 Sep 2011 - Family History: My Grandmother May Birch nee Ireland was brought up by Elizabeth Ireland the partner of Thomas Ireland in 1911 Census. We the family have tried to find May in the 1901 Census and have failed. We are appealing to anyone who delves into the local archives there and help us to unravel her mystery. 1911 Census 61 Cambridge Rd., Walthamstowe, shows Thomas Ireland with Elizabeth and young Thomas Ireland aged 15 crossed out (we found him in hospital) Albert (born Henry Albert in 1900) aged as 13 and lastly May (born Leytonstone ) aged 11. Thomas Ireland in 1901 Census has occupation of Flower Hawker and is named as Thomas George which was the surname that Elizabeth used also but we know it is the same family as young Albert is aged 1 in this Census, along with his older half brother Walter George and young Thomas Ireland (a surviving twin of which the other twin Elizabeth died in 1898 aged 2)Where was Oxford Terrace on the Chigwell Road? as the was where Walter George! was living also further on the same block was his older brother William George with his wife Kate. Can anyone help to check out Snakes Lane East for either William George or Joseph George or Albert Ireland around late 1930's early 1940's. We know that Albert Ireland moved his family to Suffolk in 1941, to get away from the bombing that was taking place about this time. Hoping someone, just someone can have some spare time to help us. We have also just recently learned that there was a children's home in this town at the turn of the century, did my grandmother come from there? Thank you to whoever can and is willing to help, regards

If anyone has any info - no matter how small - please leave a public reply for me. Thank You so much for your time in helping me to solve this mystery.

Sue RICHARDSON Private Reply Public Reply

I am researching Dr Samson George Victor Harris Whom I believe moved to Walthamstow and died in Leytonstone in 1950 anything would be appreciated

Ann NICHOL Private Reply Public Reply

I believe a Stephen was trying to trace furniture factory in Coppermill Lane. The firm was actually Bluestone and Elvin, but the trade name was Beeanese Furniture.
I think Beeanese Furniture was a turning off of Blackhorse Road. The reason I know this I used to work there. Hope this helps.

Ken William FARRANT
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Hi, I was at Warwick Girls too!

Viv HARTE Private Reply Public Reply