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I am looking for Patrick King, my first cousin. His Parents were Marie and Gerald King (the stamp enthusiast). He grew up as a boy in Walthamstow in the 1960's and 1970's. Many thanks for any direction anyone can provide.

Richard CHAMBERS Private Reply Public Reply

Hi all,
Who was the man who liked getting up and singing the pubs in the 1960s in Walthamstow and Leyton - he sung so good he did "Ho in the fox and hound", he named himself Ricky Watson?

Theresa PAICE Private Reply Public Reply

Read an article about A.H.Herberts: I worked there for 20 Years; was a Haulage contractor with 6 Lorries would like to hear from anyone else who worked there from 1968-1988

Jim BURGESS Private Reply Public Reply

Noella (aka Nicky) Smith of Leyton would like to hear from long lost cousin by the name of Gregory who lived in and around Blenheim Road Walthamstow in 1960s

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I wondered whether you could post this message on your site somewhere?

I’ve found a book entitled “Vera’s Trust” in my late mother’s effects which has a Walthamstow Education Committee label on the inside front cover stating: “PRIZE Presented to Doris Wise for proficiency in Drawing at the Blackhorse Road Girls School 1914

I know nothing about the family or the school, but my mother lived in Walthamstow (Markhouse Road). I’ll happily post it to a descendant of Doris Wise... someone’s late mother/granny/great grandmother perhaps?

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Although both my parents were working class, not for me the usual place of birth Thorpe Coombe, Whipps Cross, Clapton's Mothers Home etc., but Willesley Castle in Cromford, Derbyshire, although my birth certificate says Matlock which I guess was where my birth was registered.
From 1940 to 1946 4,000 babies were born in Willesley Castle, many from the East End. Clapton's Mothers Home had suffered war damage and part of it was transferred to Willesley Castle. It was felt to be safer to be in Derbyshire than in London with the bombing, although after 10 days you were sent home on the train. Willesley Castle is in fact a rather grand stone-built house built by Richard Arkwright the mill owner in the late 18th Century there is plenty of information about it on-line. The building now houses a Christian hotel not a lot of good to me being an atheist and a drinker. I have only met one other person who was born there and he was a very dear friend of mine as children. I was born in June 1944 and my mother had very fond memories of how nice Derbyshire was with warm sunny weather but my friend who was born in January 1945 his mothers memories were completely opposite with cold and draughty rooms and atrocious weather.
There must be more of you out there who share this birthplace because I believe there was 2,000 from the East End born there during this time. In our case it was fairly pointless my mother leaving London because we weren't back many weeks before we suffered being bombed.
They had a reunion there on the 70th anniversary but I did not read about this till after the event.
I would be interested if anyone else was born there or maybe their parents or grandparents.

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I have just returned from a two day visit to Walthamstow after 50 years.
Much has changed and I thought it was all generally pleasing, but regret the loss of many places.
I would like to contact anybody that went to William McGuffie (Now demolished) 1946 to 1950, St.Lukes (It appears to be now closed) 1946 to 1960, 5th. Walthamstow Scouts 1946 to 1960, Chapel End Secondary (Now demolished) (1957 and 1960 to 1964.)
Are Geff Matthams and Alan Britland out there ?

Many thanks

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30 Jul 2011 - Lost & Found: I am trying to trace a guy called DEREK ROLL. He lived in Edmonton/Tottenham area and was the drummer of THE RIOT SQUAD rock band in the 1960's. David Bowie was in that band for a while. Can anybody put me in touch please?
John SERGEANT [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

19 Apr 2011 - Lost & Found: Early this year I had an email from a Wendy Spencer and have since tried to contact her using the email address she gave, but this was to no avail, so I am hoping she sees this message as our parents were very close friend when we were small she stated all my brothers and sisters names ,but as I said I have had no luck using the email address she contacted me on, Her name when i knew her was Wendy Gates and we lived in Hazelwood road, so I am hoping she sees this if you could put this in the postbag I would be very grateful thank you


Richard (Dick) GOSS [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

30 Aug 2010 - Lost & Found: Hello Brian, do you remember where exactly in Millfield Avenue your brother lived and what year? My family lived there until the later 1960s and I can recall it from my childhood. I don't remember Lawrence, but more information might just jog my memory.

Colleen MORRISON [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

29 Aug 2010 - Lost & Found: Hi Daniel, What a great site magic! Is it possible to try and find my brother through your site? I am looking for Lawrence Staines his father was George Staines and they lived in St Johns road, Walthamstow, in the 60s and also in Millfield Ave. Our mother was Joan Freeman - we lost contact when our mother died in 1969. Many thanks,

Brian FREEMAN [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

12-Jul-2010 - Lost & Found: : Hi, i am a friend of a Margorie Blyth who was born in Walthamstow in 1928 as Margorie Bradshaw, (or Mason) she has been told that she had a Sister named Connie or Constance that was born when she was a few years old, but who she never got to meet, she has been told this by a friend, but he doesn't know anything else about what happened to this baby, and Margorie is now curious as to what happened as she could still be alive, and would be her only Sister, she would be delighted to find anything out about her before it is too late. Regards,
Patricia [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

11 Jul 2010 - Family History: GOULD - Desperate to find what happened to my Grandmother Elsie Gertrude Gould, born 21/1/1907 in Hackney, but lived in Walthamstow at 25 Warner Road with her mother Amanda and her new husband Frederick Fitch (they married in 1920). Elsie's father, Charles Thomas Gould, died in 1919. I know Elsie was still in Walthamstow in 1927 (my father David Gould was born in 1926), but unable to find out what happened to Elsie after 1927. My father was brought up by Amanda and Frederick Fitch, so what happened to Elsie is the question. Checked the death records up to the present day no sign of her. Assumed she married. Apparently the electoral records for Walthamstow between 1922-1931 were destroyed in the 2nd World War. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Christine GOULD-PAGE - (from chat lounge) [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

02-Mar-2010 - Lost & Found: : Hi All, My name is Donna Mcintyre and I am trying to find Joe Randatzzo or Randazzo. His family owned a fish and chip shop in Walthamstow Market in the 70's. I think the address was 6 Golden Parade Wood Street. The fish and chip shop was very close to walthamstow central in the market. I am sure the family sold the fish and chip shop to a chinese family?? The family that owned this fish and chip shop are Italian from Sicily. Joe Randazzo was a very good friend of mine. On Sundays I went to a club in Shaftesbury Avenue and this is how I met Joe. I think the family moved to Chingford. If anyone can help me with this request I would be very grateful. Many thanks.

Donna Mcintyre email

26-Feb-2010 - Lost & Found: : Hi Daniel/John - Would appreciate any help you can give me in my quest to find an old school pal. Looking for Bob Rennie (Renney) bass guitarist. Bob played with local band Sam Apple Pie back in the late 60's and then with Brakes. I'm pretty sure he's still living locally (Waltham Forest) and possibly still playing with John (Josh) Brown (Drummer). He was last seen a few years back playing at a pub in Silvertown, unfortunately since demolished and there have been mentions of him playing at the Dukes Head or possibly The Plough in Wood Street. Bob was a class mate of mine at George Gascoigne (Queens Road, Walthamstow) back in the early 60's . We last met in 76 when we had a pint together at a pub in Stoke Newington. Can anyone help please?. Regards
Mac email

I have just discovered your site on Walthamstow which my son pointed out to me. I lived in Walthamstow, first in Tenby Road and later in Hawthorne Road, though I was actually born in the City of London. I began school at St. Patrick's, NOT that we were Catholic, but the war was on and it was closer to home. Due to the War, my sister was born in Bolton. I attended Coppermill Lane for several years and was transferred to Mission Grove when it reopened. At 11 went back to Coppermill Lane senior school. I met my husband Ken Yeo who lived in Rensburg Road in 1952 and we married in 1955. Emigrated to Canada in 1966 with our three children. Ken died three years ago. I would love to hear from any old friends or school mates.
Adrienne Yeo formerly Woodward email