Walthamstow Memories 10th Anniversary Logo Many thanks to all of you who have attended our special meeting in Walthamstow this year! It has been a real pleasure to share this experience and its many events. Pam Ray has sent in her own account of the Gathering [read it here], and I hope others will follow her example and let us know of their impressions.
My personal notes are [here]

As far as I'm concerned, all went in the smoothest possible way, according to the programme.

Picture of tote bage

This is a picture of the "I love Walthamstow Memories" tote bag that was given as a present to all attendees.
Little 'goodies' inside, including postcards.

I wish to thank all those who made it possible:

  • Dave Hughes - for his invaluable help (and patience!): I have sent him countless emails since last October and, in spite of a computer breakdown, he has never failed to keep me informed of the progress.
  • Tony Regan - for his assistance at the musical evening and for the most enjoyable 78 disks he played.
  • Jo Brind - for filming our visit to the Mayor of Waltham Forest (see it here)
  • Daniel Binns (The Guardian) - for giving us full press coverage with articles and pictures
  • The Mayor & staff of the Waltham Forest Council - for the splendid visit to the Town Hall
  • Vicky Carroll & staff of the Vestry House Museum - for welcoming us so warmly
  • Russ Chandler - for getting together all the performances (including his) on Friday evening.
  • Roger Huddle - for guiding us in a historical stroll down the High Street Market and for his poetic perfomance on Friday
  • Kate Andrews, Ros Kane and Roger Huddle - for their historical talks on Thursday
  • Sally Vinson & Rachel Ayres, Alan Neville, Steve, Lol & Doug and Graham Larkbey - for their perfomances on Friday
  • Maureen Younger - for entertaining us with good laughs on Friday evening
  • Michael Higgins - for expertly guiding us in a extensive tour of the Sir George Monoux School
  • John Arthur - for his music on Thursday evening
  • Peter Woolf - for his poetic perfomance on Friday and for reading one of Dennis Penfold's poems
  • Roy Garner & the WACC - for projecting their DVDs on by-gone Walthamstow
  • Lindsey Collier - for hosting us at the Lea Valley Experience
  • Vince Moon - for providing transport to some of the members of the Gathering
  • Bun, Viv, Jo & staff of the Rose & Crown Pub - for providing wonderful food & drinks
  • Rhubarb the Clown - for chering us up with his clever and funny performaces
  • and, last but not least:
  • John Knowles who superbly represented the Walthamstow Memories site on the official meetings, also providing us with great music on Thurday evening!
And, of course, to all those who were present!


Jo Brind filmed the visit to the Mayor of Waltham Forest, Cllr. Geoff Walker. Thursday 23rd June 2011

Daniel's interpretation of "Danny Boy" at "Ye Olde Rose & Crown", Thursday 23rd June 2011

John H Knowles performance at "Ye Olde Rose & Crown", Thursday 23rd June 2011


Here are some pictures I personally took - but trust that more will be sent in by participants:
(Click on images to enlarge)

At the Rose & Crown - Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet - Thursday morning

"Meet & Greet" at the Rose & Crown Pub - Hoe St.

Meet & Greet - Thrusday

"Meet & Greet" at the Rose & Crown Pub - Hoe St.

Clowning Around

"Meet & Greet" at the Rose & Crown Pub - Hoe St.

At the Vestry House Museum

Visit to Vestry House Museum

At the Vestry House Museum
John H Knowles, Vicky Carroll, Daniel J Quinn

Vestry House Museum

At the Vestry House Museum
John H Knowles, Vicky Carroll, Vince Moon, Daniel J Quinn, Eileen Williams, Pam Ray and Cllr. Geraldine Reardon

Waltham Forest Council

Panel in the Council Chamber - Daniel J Quinn

Waltham Forest Council Past Chairmen of he Walthamstow Council The Mayor of Waltham Forest

The Mayor of Waltham Forest, Cllr. Geoff Walker

Jo Brind with his video camera

Jo Brind, who has filmed the visit to the WF Council

The Market - High Street

William Morris Hall, Somers Rd.

William Morris Hall

Sir George Monoux School, Walthamstow

Sir George Monoux School

An Evening of Words and Music Celebrating Living in Walthamstow


Sally Vinson & Rachel Ayres

Al Neville

Alan Neville

Roger Huddle

Roger Huddle

Russ Chandler

Russ Chandler

Graham Larkbey

Graham Larkbey

Maureen Younger

Maureen Younger

Bun, the owner of 'Ye Olde Rose & Crown' Pub

Bun and Viv, the owners of 'Ye Olde Rose & Crown' Pub

The Lea Valley Experience

Lindsey Collier - The Lea Valley Exoerience

Lindsey Collier - The Lea Valley Exoerience

Old Fire Engine Steam Boiler Replica of Old Bus

Old Fire Engine - Steam boiler - Replica of Old Bus

Pam Ray's tracing her ancestors...

48 Netley Rd, Walthamstow
62 Mansfiled Rd. Walthamstow
62 Mansfield Rd. Walthamstow
891 Lea Bridge Rd. Walthamstow
Lambs Cafe's Management
Original chairs Lambs Cafe
Glass pictures at the Lambs Cafe
At the Lambs Cafe

Places where Pam's ancestors have lived in the 1900s

Articles from "The Guardian" & "The Guardian online"

4 Jul 2011: View the article on "The Guardian on-line" concerning our meeting [HERE]

28 Apr 2011: View the article on "The Guardian on-line" concerning our meeting [HERE]

Article on the Guardian

Pictures below are courtesy of "The Guardian - Waltham Forest", who own the copyright
(Click on each image to enlarge)

Year 2011 is an important one for Walthamstow Memories: it marks the 10th Anniversary of its existence!!
To celebrate this special occasion, we are planning the "2011 WM Gathering" and would be delighted if you could come and meet us at Walthamstow: we have prepared a full programme (see below), including visits, meetings, music, etc...

Many of you have been away from Walthamstow for years and this could be THE opportunity to meet up and visit the places of your childhood, see what big changes have taken place, walk on the paths of your memory, the smells & sounds of the Market... Catch up with old friends...


THURSDAY June the 23th, 2011
Time Event Location
fm 10am Arrivals - Reception - Check-In Red Room - Rose & Crown Pub
1pm Lunch Rose & Crown Pub
1,30-2pm Chris Hill at the piano: oldies/goldies Rose & Crown Pub
3 pm Ceremony & Guided visit Vestry House Museum
4,15 pm Talks on local history by Kate Andrews, Ros Kane and Roger Huddle Rose & Crown Pub
6,30 pm Buffet Rose & Crown Pub
Meeting with members of the Walthamstow Village Residents Association Rose & Crown Pub
to 11,30pm
Live Musical Evening:
Tony Regan - DJ playing old 78's - 20's & 30's
John Arthur - local singer/composer
Daniel J Quinn - Crooning down memory lane
John Knowles - Guitar & Singing
Rose & Crown Pub
FRIDAY June the 24th, 2011
Time Event Location
9,30am Meeting with Mayor of Waltham Forest Council Council Chamber, Town Hall
11am Stroll in the Market, leaded by Roger Huddle High Street
12,30pm Lunch Red Room - Rose & Crown
pm Tour of Schools School sites
4pm Sir George Monoux School Guided tour, accompanied by
Michael Higgins (Secretary of "The Old Monovians" site)

6,30pm Buffet Rose & Crown Pub
8pm-11pm "An Evening of Words and Music Celebrating Living in Walthamstow":
7:45 - 8:00: Peter Woolfe reading Dennis J Penfold's poetry
8:00 - 8:20: Sally Vinson & Rachel Ayres
8:20 - 8:40: Alan Neville
8:40 - 9:00: Roger Huddle - Poetry
9:00 - 9:20: Russ Chandler - Banjo & Singing
9:20 - 9:40 Steve, Lol & Doug
9:40 - 10:00: Interval
10:10 - 10:00: Graham Larkbey
10:30 - 11:00: Maureen Younger - Comedian
Rose & Crown Pub
SATURDAY June the 25th, 2011
Time Event Location
9,30am (open)
12,30pm Lunch Rose & Crown Pub
3 pm Jo Brind's films on Walthamstow
followed by: Memory Spot Talks
Red Room of the Rose & Crown
6,30pm Buffet Rose & Crown
8,30pm Walthamstow in Films, a projection by the Walthamstow Amateur Cine-Video Club (Rose & Crown)
SUNDAY June the 26th, 2011
Time Event Location
11am The Lea Valley Experience (Old Pump House)
1pm Lunch& Closing ceremony Rose & Crown Pub
3 pm Farewells & Departures Rose & Crown Pub


(Please note that room prices are purely indicative - inquire directly at hotels).

Hotel Address Prices Notes
Commongate Hotel 131-133 Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, E17
Tel: (020) 8521 1551 - Fax: (020) 8521 7489
E-mail: info@commongatehotel.co.uk
£45/50 per room/per night
All Season's Motel 543 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton E10
Tel: (+44)20/85568080 - Fax : (+44)20/85582479
E-mail : H8063@accor.com
£70 per room/per night
Sir Alfred Hitchcock 147 Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone, E11
Tel. 020 8530 3724
email: info@siralfredhitchcock.com
£60 per room/per night
Stainforth Guest House 35 Stainforth Road, Walthamstow, E17
Tel. 07502 486 962
£?? per room/per night

Places of interest:

Site Address Notes
Vestry House Museum Vestry Road, Walthamstow E17 9NH
Tel 020 8496 4391
Vestry House Museum presents the history of Waltham Forest. Attractively located in the Grade II listed Vestry House, the Museum can be found in the delightful historic Walthamstow Village. Originally built as a workhouse in 1730, Vestry House has since been a police station and a private house, before it opened as a Museum in 1931. Vestry House Museum also houses Waltham Forest Archives and Local Studies Library.
The Market High Street, Walthamstow
Tuesday-Saturday 8.00am-5.00pm
Dating from 1885, the market is the longest outdoor street market in Europe and spans roughly a kilometre of Walthamstow High Street. Stalls sell an array of food, clothes, and household goods and are complemented by a wide variety of cafes and restaurants selling everything from Caribbean cuisine to traditional Cockney fare like pie and mash or jellied eels. The market is held between Cleveland Park Avenue and Pretoria Avenue on the High Street, Walthamstow E17 within easy reach of both underground and main line rail services to Walthamstow Central/St James stations and local bus services.
Walthamstow Assembly Hall Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 4JF
tel 020 8496 3000
is an imposing Art Deco building forming part of the Town Hall complex on Forest Road. Designed by PD Hepworth, it was completed in 1942. Pevsner comments: '.. .. stone-faced and in the Swedish style of c 1925 which became so popular in England amongst those who were not satisfied to be imitatively Neo-Georgian nor wanted to go modern in earnest.' Apparently the Assembly Hall was originally to be matched by a Law Court to the other side of the Town Hall. Its superb acoustics also make it one of the UK's top venues for recording classical music.
William Morris Gallery Lloyd Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 4PP
Tel 020 8496 4390
The William Morris Gallery is the only public Gallery devoted to William Morris - designer, craftsman, writer, socialist and conservationist - and displays an internationally important collection illustrating his life, achievements and influence. William Morris was born in Walthamstow in 1834. The Gallery is delightfully housed in the 18th Century Water House, Morris' family home from 1848 to 1856, and set in Lloyd Park in Walthamstow. Unfortunately the WM Gallery will be closed during the whole event.
Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Pub 53 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4SA
Telephone 020 8509 3880
A very attractive Pub & Theatre, with comfortable meeting room at street level.
web site: www.yeolderoseandcrowntheatrepub.co.uk


School Address Notes
Chapel End
Sir George Monoux College Chingford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 5AA
Tel: 020 8523 3544 - Fax: 020 8498 2443
Email: info@george-monoux.ac.uk
Blackhorse Road Juniors
Clifton Road Infants
Willowfield School Clifton Avenue, Walthamstow, E17 6HL
Tel: 020 8527 4065 Fax: 020 8523 4939
Email: school@willowfield.waltham.sch.uk