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  Lost Trades

Many Shops, Manufacturers and Commercial sites ha come and gone in the years, and questions like "Wasn't there a bicycle shop in Church Lane?" are often asked. In the "Lost Trades" Section you will find a list of them and new items are added periodically).

  Local Bands

Music has always been an important part of Walthamstow's life and many musicians and bands, more or less famous, originated or performed here, especially during the '60s and '70s. You will find many surprises in the "Local Bands" Section...

  Lost Streets

As the years go by, a number of street have changed name or have completely disappeared due to Walthamstow's continous expansion. You may be looking for the road where a relative or ancestor lived, but can't find in modern maps? Visit the "Lost Streets" Section!

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Discover how to move around this site and iss features: "Quick links", "Table searches" and "Filter searches" are here to help you navigating through the vast collection of information on Walthasmtow's past! Visit the Help - Site Guide page...

  Current Postbag

Our Postbags Section contains all the email sent to us since 2001, when this site was created by John Knowles. There is a Postbag for each year, and you will find interesting stories and pictures! See the Current Postbag

From the Editor

Read the latest (and old) messages from Daniel, the Editor of this site.

Personal Stories

Many of our visitors have shared their personal memories of Walthamstow: little jewels of everyday life here!

Dennis J. Penfold - A Walthamstow Poet

Dennis was in love with his old Walthamstow and wrote many nostalgic poems, do you know his works?

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