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This Group/Singer/Songwriter list spans from 1960 to present day and includes all groups who live, or have lived, in the Waltham Forest area during the lifetime of their respective groups. Obviously this list is not complete...

The Waltham Forest Bands & Venues is a "work-in-progress" project: if anyone can help in adding any details, corrections, amendments, etc or by giving suggestions, please Email Daniel or Dave Hughes.
Thanks to Dave Hughes, Gary & Bev Minall for their help in this Section. List updated by Dave Hughes in July 2019. Some entries were made by the musician themselves.

3 D 3 - Lionel Cultrap (guitar/vocals), Peter Dunton (drums/vocals) and Mike Foster (bass/vocals). Formed in 2000, originally called Legacy. One member lives in E17.
4 To The Floor - Active in Walthamstow in 2009.

  1. A Band Called Loot - Joe Elwood, 1990's group originally called Loot.
    Acoustic Warriors -
    Affliction - Glenn Salmon (guitar), Paula Salmon (bass), Duncan Bell (drums), Martin Dawes (guitar/vocals), Laura (drums), Sam Ridgwell, Gemma Sales (vocals) and Becky Way (keyboards). Active between 1993 and 1996. Played "Pop" originals and covers. Two members lived in E17.
    Akasha - Two members, Andy Gangadeen (drums) and Russell Milton (bass) came from Walthamstow.
    Albarn, Damon Alexander Patton (Band) - The group all came from E17 and were active between 1964 and 1967. Original members were Peter Scott (harmonica/vocals) now living in Canada, Clive Allington (drums), Dave Denhan (bass), Bob Beasley (guitar) and Jim Mitchell (guitar). Later members were Roger Hilliar (guitar) and David Scott (guitar). The group represented Universal Youth Group at The Waltham Forest's Grand Beat Contest on the 19th February 1965. Compere was Bill Shiers and prizes were presented by The Mayor. The group regularly played at The Bell Public House in Forest Road, Walthamstow during 1965/6. They were managed for a while by Martin Murray of The Honeycombs.
    Amoeba - John King (vocals), Ivan Weiss (guitar/vocals), Bob Sharman (bass/vocals) and Steve Fitch (drums). John soon left to leave a trio. Active between 1996 and 1998. Played heavy rock. Issued several 'Demo' tapes. One track "Unselected" appeared on the "Walthamstow's Finest" CD.
    Animal Factory - 1990's group. Members were Gary Minall (guitar), John Finnegan (vocals), Alan Godfrey (bass) and Michael Turner (drums). Matt Durrell soon replaced Michael Turner on drums. The Anoraks - Gary Minall (guitar), Tom (), Ted () and Bev (drums). Formed in 1998. Played punk. Still playing in 2018. Played in Germany and their music has a following in America. Arthur, John - Singer/songwriter. One track "Mersea to Thaxted" appeared on the "Walthamstow's Finest" CD compilation, assisted by S. Ross (recorder) and K. Andrews-Scott (keyboards). In 2002 released a 13 track CD of earlier material called Randomonium. On this CD John was assisted by Katy Andrews, Clive Bennett, Andy Blake, Michael Byron, Janet Martin, Sheila Ross, Rachel Sandon and Carole Vincent. John Arthur lives in E17. John was still going strong in 2018 and had tracks on all four Sue's House charity CD's released between August 2018 and July 2019.
  2. Backstreet (Blues Band ) - Martin Coomber (guitar/vocals), Shakey (guitar), Mike Foster (bass/vocals) and Nick Diss (drums). Blues Band active between 1988 and 1990.
    The Badges - John Arthur. Playing in North London in March 2003.
    The Band - School band from Tom Hood School. Active in 2008.
    The Band I'm In - Michael Jackson (vocals), Subriata (vocals) and Ko-Chun Lee (vocals). Formed in 1999. One member lives in E17.
    Tom Long and The Bare Bones - Tom Bloor (acoustic guitar/vocals), Jenny Bloor (bass/tin whistle/b.vocals), James Dexter (guitar/accordion), Alison Barling (percussion/b.vocals) and Gordon Chadwick (drums). "Played a schizophrenic mix of skiffle, punk rock and buckwheat zydeco style numbers." Privately sold tapes at their gigs, these were called, "Fleshed Out" (1993), "Senses" (1994), "Happy Animal" (1995) and "Who's The Barest Of Them All?" (1996).
    Boy Kill Boy - From Leytonstone.
    The Barristers - 1960's group. John Knowles from E17 was a member. Johnny Cassidy was another member. They played regularly at The Bell Public House in Forest Road, Walthamstow.
    The Beat Syndacate - Two of the members came from Walthamstow: Tony the drummer lived in Forest Road and Jim the rhythm guitarist came from round the back of Black Horse Road. [see picture]
    The Beaucrees - Formed in Walthamstow in 1963 by founder members: Dave Francis (Vocals), Mick Kain (Lead Guitar), Pete Jackson (Rhythm Guitar), Tony Tutton (Drums) and John Astrop ( Bass Guitar). Further info on their site.
    Betamax - Punk band. Active in 2003.
    Bevis Frond - Nick Saloman (multi-instrumentalist), Adrian Shaw (bass) and Andy Ward (drums). Adrian Shaw has played with, Magic Muscle and Hawkwind; Andy Ward has played with Camel and Marillion. Albums Released: Miasma (1987), Inner Marshland (1987), Bevis Through the Looking Glass (1987), Triptych (1988), The Auntie Winnie Album (1988), Any Gas Faster (1990), New River Head (Dbl 1991), A Gathering of Fronds (1992), London Stone (1993), It Just Is (1993), Sprawl (Dbl 1994), Superseeder (1995), Son of Walter (1996), North Circular (1997), Live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco (1998), Vavona Burr (1999), Valedictory Songs (2000), The group have released many singles and have appeared on numerous compilations. They were formed in 1987. One member lives in E17. Bevis Frond Museum - Nick Saloman (multi-instrumentalist), Original name of Bevis Frond in the early 1980's.
    Bill Of Rights - 1960's group. John Knowles from E17 was a member. They played on the same bill as Manfred Mann, The Kinks, Dave Dee and Chris Farlowe.
    Black Survivors - 1990's band. At least one member lives in E17.
    Blazin' Squad - Formed in 2002. Members were James Mackenzie, Musso Omer, Oliver Georgiou, Chris McKechney, Stuart Baker, Sam Foulkes, Lee Bailey, Marcel Somerville, James Murray and Tom Beasley.
    Bleech - Trio from Wanstead. Members were Jennifer O'Neil (guitar/vocals), Katherine O'Neil (bass) and Matt Bick (drums). Active in 2009.
    Bloor, Tom - Singer/Songwriter. Privately issued a tape called "Up! Up!" in 1998. Lives in E17.
    Bootleg Blondie - 5pc group. Originally playing Latin songs under the name Too Darn Hot. Changed to a tribute band in 2001. Members come from Walthamstow and Leyton.
    Boundary Crew - Active in 2010. Fumin was a member.
    The Brakes - Late 1970's band. Based in Walthamstow.
    Breezers - Covers band formed in 2001 playing pubs and functions. Members are Stuart (Bass), Tony (keyboards), Dean (drums), Lee (vocals) and Ian (guitar).
    Briteside - A. Booth (bass), Helen Claire (vocals), M. Conlon (drums) and Paul White (guitar/vocals). 1990's group. One track "Quiet Today" appeared on the "Walthamstow's Finest" CD Compilation. One member at least lived in E17.
  3. Cage - Chris Spyrides (keyboards/vocals), Michael Jackson (piano/b.vocals), Eoghan Clifford (acoustic guitar), Gareth Davies (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Richard Dearman (piano/b.vocals) and John Gleeson (drums/keyboards). Active between May 1995 and May 1996. Three members lived in E17 and one lived in E4.
    Castaways - ? Known as Tony Rivers and The Castaways.
    Chandler, Russ - Active in 2008.
    Colts - Young group from the 1960's. Represented St. Saviour's at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest.
    Cousin Luke -
    Cox, Alan - Singer/songwriter from Leytonstone. Also a member of Fish On Fire.
    Creator - 1960's group. Geoff Gibbs (guitar), Ray 'Jasper' Drake (guitar), Mick Eden (drums), Bob Newley (vocals) and Ron Biggs (bass). Played their first gig at Walthamstow Trades and Labour Club. Regularly played at the Lion and Key (Leyton) and The Cowley Arms (Leytonstone) whilst still at school. Entered the heats for the Nationwide TV Talent Show, Ready Steady Win. The band dissolved when Bob returned to Germany where he previously played with the Andy Nevison Band and took Mick and Ron with him. Cut It Fine - 3pc group formed in the late 1980's. Members were Dave Edwards (vocals), Joe Weston (guitar/bass) and Kevin Haughton (guitar). Two members lived in E4. Cyanide - Young 1990's group.
    The Cyklones - School band from E11. Active in 2008.
  4. Da Specialistz - Leytonstone band formed in 2001.
    Daniel Takes A Train - 5pc band formed in the 1980's. Members included Paul Baker (vocals) and Emma Gray, a teacher in Walthamstow on vocals.
    Dante's Inferno - Members included Doug Hogg and Gerry Kirk.
    Deltas, Herbie and The - see "Herbie and the Deltas".
    Dezire - Formed in 2000.
    Dog - Gerry Lyons (vocals), Phil Chilton (bass), Dave Veal (guitar), Alex Way (guitar), Andy Bridges (drums) and Tommy Davis (drums). Only one drummer at a time. Rock band formed in 1995 and played their last gig (so far?) at Christmas 1999. They made a CD Called "Ruff Kutz" which included demos and live material recorded in 1996 and 1997, 16 Tracks in all. Also did a two track CD in 1998 featuring "Wild Love" and "Indians" and a CD single (under the name Revolver) called"20th Century CD" in 1999. All were recorded and distributed Privately.
    Druids - 1960's group from Chingford.
    Dunav - Members included John Baldwin (tambura), Caroline Thomas (accordion), Brian Dowsett (guitar), Narendra Kotiyan (Balkan drums/bagpipes/flute), Dessislava Stefanov (vocals) and Dominic Coltman (violin). The Dunav Balkan group were founded in 1964 and were still active in 2004, specialising in playing the music of South East Europe: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and The Romany and Vlah Minorities. The group blends modern and ethnic instruments: violin, piano accordion, clarinet and guitar, with Balkan drums (tapan and tarabuka), plucked string instruments (tambura, tamburitsa, brac, bouzouki, gadulka and bass gadulka) and Wind instruments (frula, kaval, bagpipes and ocarina).
  5. Early Days - 1960's band with members including John ? (guitar), John Knowles (bass) and Ian 'Thunderfoot' Purdy (drums). John Knowles went on to join The Barristers.
    East-End Boys - Boyband formed in 2000.
    E17 - Brian Harvey (vocals), Terry Goldwell (vocals) and John Hendy (vocals). Boyband active between 1997 and 1999. Released The CD "Resurrection".
    East 17 - Tony Mortimer (vocals), Brian Harvey (vocals), Terry Goldwell (vocals) and John Hendy (vocals). Boyband active between 1992 and 1996. Released four CD's: "Walthamstow", "Steam", Up All Night" and "Greatest Hits". Many Videos (16+) are also available.
    Easy-Beats - 1960's group who represented Sidney Burnell at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest.
    Eat Your Greens -
    Egor - Johnny Flite (vocals), Eric Taylor (guitar), Nick Diss (drums) and Mike Foster (bass/vocals). Active between 1969 and 1971. One long track appeared on the 1970 LP "Odd Socks".
    Electric Warriors -
    Ever - Chris Spyrides (guitar/vocals), Jo Scannell (guitar/bass/drum machine), Sam Pikesley (drums/percussion/drum machine), Marcus Glynn (bass/rhythm guitar), Nicola Keary (bass/b.vocals), Nick Keeling (keyboards) and Alan Cutter (bass). Active between June 1996 and September 1997. One member lived in E17 and one in E4.
    Evolution - Louise (vocals), Joe Guynan (guitar/B.vocals), Chris Johnston (guitar/vocals), James Godden (bass) and Jeff Moon (drums/b.vocals). Formed in 2000. Played rock/blues covers and some original material. Past members include Jamie Ledwith (vocals/songwriter) and Tony Regan (keyboards/b.vocals). One member lives in E17, an ex member works in E17.
  6. Fabulous Heseltines - Members included, Christian Mountney (bass), Jo Slater (vocals), Rob Mellor (guitar) and Pete Harvey (saxophone). Played mostly 1960's soul covers. Most of the group either live or have lived in Walthamstow.
    Fairlanes - Known as Brian Ford and The Fairlanes, 1960's band.
    Fairyland Lustre - Pre gigging name of Humungus Fungus.
    Fallopian Loaf - Pre gigging name of Humungus Fungus.
    Fancy Footwork - John Arthur (guitar/vocals), Carole Vincent (vocals) and Carla Mersh (vocals). Active between 1990 and 1993. Carla left to join a signed black rap outfit.
    Fiction - Local group of the 1990's from E4.
    Fire Camp - Active in 2010. Fumin was a member.
    Fish On Fire - Formed in 1996. Original members were Alan Cox (guitar/vocals), John Davis (guitar), Phil Burns (keyboards), Rupert Hines (bass) and Mark Slade (drums). John 'Ziggy' Stardust replaced Rupert Hines when he left to join Tea For The Wicked. Have issued a couple of demos. At least one member lives in E11.
    Fitzgerald, Patrick - Released one EP and one single on the Small Wonder label.
    Five Merlins - 1960's group who represented Leytonstone Youth Club at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest.
    Fixate - 5pc boyband from Chingford, E.4.
    4Heads - 1960's group. John Knowles from E17 was a member.
    Fred Bison Five - An alias used by Bevis Frond in the early 1990's.
    Fuzz - 1990's group based around two Americans. Two members lived in E17.
  7. Glorious - Trio of John Paul Fordree, Lee Anthony and Frankie.
    Gold - Members included Dave, Steve and Alan.
    Goldust - Highams Park 5pc rock/metal/experimental band active in 2009. Members were Matty Harris (vocals), Mark Davenport (guitar/b.vocals), Mat Fox (guitar/vocals), Josh Davenport (bass) and Alain Owen (drums/percussion/b.vocals).
    Gorerotted - Late 1990's group. Issued a CD called "Her Gash I did Slash". At least one member lived in E11.
    Gunshot - British hip hop band from Leyton.
  8. Hamble - Folker O'Toole (vocals), Mark Waterfield (guitar), Dean Frost (bass) and Mark Saunders (drums). Active for a short while in the nineties. A few demo tapes exist and a Dat tape. There is also a ten minute video.
    Hawks - Tony Aggar (guitar/vocals), David Aggar (bass) and Vince (guitar), they had various Drummers. Early 1980's group. They were featured on the 1980 album, "A Sudden Surge Of Sound" with the track, "(I Don't Want To) Play In The Rain." They were a Jam influenced new wave group and all members lived in Walthamstow.
    Hefner -
    Hello I'm Naked - Gary Dexter (vocals), Tom Bloor (guitar/b.vocals), James Dexter (bass/b.vocals), and Ritchie Charlton (drums). Played punk/new wave and were active between 1980 and 1982. Privately distributed a tape "Nicks Café" in 1981.
    Herbal Remedy - 1990's group, but did play in East Ham in 2002. Member Simon Hughes lived in E17.
    Herbie & The Deltas - 1961 group all from E17. Herbie ? (vocals), Johnny Charlton (lead guitar), Barry Raven (guitar), Bill Farrow (bass) and Terry ? (drums).
    Heseltine - John Arthur (guitar/vocals), Nick Lacey (bass/vocals) and Clive Bennett (drums). Active between 1996 and 1997.
    The Honeycombs - Martin Murray, Ann 'Honey' Lantree (drums/vocals) and John Lantree (bass) attended Sidney Burnell Secondary Modern School in Highams Park. The band were based at Henrys Avenue, Woodford Green.
    Horror Kyd - Dub. From E17 Active in 2007.
    Humungus Fungus - Ivan Weiss (guitar), Stephen Fitch (drums), Kizzie Smith( ) and Peter Hoare( ). Later Members were, John King (vocals) and Bob Sharman (bass). The group were active between 1993 and 1996.
  9. Ice In June - Karen (vocals). Active for a short while in the nineties.
    Indigo - Formed in 1998. The band play a mix of original punk, rock and slower melodies. Members are Tom Pounds (rhythm guitar/vocals), Rob West (guitar), Dan Dare (drums) and Paul Offord (bass/vocals). Released the album "Marvellously Nothing In Particular" in 2001. A Demo and a video are also available. Three members live in E4.
    Iron Maiden - Steve Harris (bass player and founder member) lived in Leyton, as did most members of Iron Maiden at one time.
  10. Jealous God -
    Jokers Wilde - Late 1960's group. At least one member lived in Priory Court, E17.
  11. Karilion, The - 1960s band - Support band to The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967
    Kick - 1980's group from E4. Recorded for the Footwear and Sponge record labels.
    Kingsize - Chris Spyrides (vocals), Jo Scannell (guitar), Eoghan Clifford (bass), John Gleeson (drums), Nicola Keary (b.vocals), Michael Jackson (b.vocals) and Karla Mitchell (b.vocals). Active between October 1993 and June 1994. At least two members lived in E17 and one lived in E4.
    Kyma - School 4pc band active in 2008.
  12. The Larch - Stephen Aaron (guitar/vocals), Vince Moon (bass), Jeff Moon (drums/vocals) and Tony Regan (keyboards/vocals). The group played rock/blues covers and were active between 1996 and 1999.
    The Last Resort - Members include John Matthews. Two members live in Waltham Forest.
    Legacy - Lionel Cultrap (guitar/vocals), Peter Dunton (drums/vocals) and Mike Foster (Bass/Vocals). The group were active between 1997 and 2000. Changed their name to 3 D 3.
    Lemmings - Mid 1960's group. Members were Martin Murray (rhythm guitar), Barry Hebb (drums), Chris Spooner (bass), Vic Long (vocals) and Rod Butler (guitar). Martin Murray was previously with The Honeycombs. They released the single "My little girl" on the Pye label on Friday 23rd April 1965. At least one member came from E17.
    Leyton Buzzards - Late 1970's group who changed their name to Modern Romance.
    Liberty - R&B group.
    Little Black Dog - Christine Reid (bass/vocals), Sureign Sivagnanasundram (drums), Ian Collie (guitar), Howard James (vocals) and Rob Lawrence (guitar). Later Member, Ko-Chun Lee (bass). Played mainly original material with some covers.
    Live Wire - Leytonstone band, active in 2007. Took part in a 'Battle of The Bands' competition in E11.
    Longshot - Chingford 4pc band with vocalist Tom Hutchison. Released a demo CD of acoustic songs in 2002.
    Loot - See A Band Called Loot.
    LSO - Electronic music played by Art and occasionally friends.
  13. Mantilla - 1990's group.
    Map - Richard Langston( ) Richard Hughes ( ) 1990's group.
    Mariners - 1960's group who represented William Fitt Secondary Modern School at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest. Compere was Bill Shiers and prizes were presented by the Mayor.
    Merlin's Goon - Member Matthew Ryan lived in E11.
    Mermaids Purse - Duncan Brownnutt (drums). Lived in E4. Active in the 1990's for a short while.
    Milla, Franca - Singer/songwriter. Active in 2007.
    Misses Nice - Played original material and covers (Stones, Queen, ZZ Top, Zeppelin, etc). Active in 2003. At least one member lived in E10.
    Mr Bus - Matthew Richards (guitar/vocals), Vince Moon (bass) and Jeff Moon (drums/vocals). Later Members were, Andy Bacon (guitar/vocals) and Tony Regan (keyboards/vocals). Played rock and blues covers with some original material. One track "Stillborn Baby Blues" appeared on the CD Compilation, "Walthamstow's Finest." A short video was also made and distributed Privately.
    Mixed Nuts - John Arthur (guitar/vocals), Carole Vincent (vocals) and Steve Head (Guitar/Vocals). Active between 1987 and 1990.
    Mixers - 1960's group who represented Kilkenny Youth Club at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest (9 'Beat' groups represented) and won. Members were, Barry Rae (guitar), Keith Woodley (bass), Brian Taverner (guitar) and Paul Woodley (drums).
    Momma's Spliff - Chris Spyrides (vocals/piano), Jo Scannell (guitar), Alan Cutter (bass), Sam Pikesley (drums), Nick Keeling (keyboards), Ms. C (backing vocals), Mark Skeete (bass), Mike Wood (guitar), Christabelle Scannell (b.vocals) and Karla Mitchell (b.vocals). Covers Group. Active between December 1991 and November 1993. At least one member lived in E17.
    Mojo Band - 1960's group who played unusual modern southern rock. John Knowles from E17 was a member.
    Momdray - Extremely short lived mid nineties group from E17.
    Moonfish - Formed in the mid-nineties. Members are Rob Lloyd (guitar/vocals), David (vocals), Dan (drums) and Spikey Mike (bass). Two members live in E4, One in E17 and the other in Plaistow.
    Mortal Remains - Alex Beattie( )
    Ms Tasty - Keith Dearman (Vocals), Ian Carter (Guitar), Liam Campling (Bass) and Simon Daniels (Drums). mid nineties group.
    Mudflower - Zane Alexandre ( )
    Murdock - Originally called Moonfish.
  14. Naked Lunch - Formed in the late 1980's. One member lived in E17.
    Neurofen - Short-lived nineties group.
    The New 9 - Duo Mia and Bob. Active in 2007-08.
    New Speakers - Gary Minall (guitar/vocals), John Finnegan (vocals), A. Godfrey (bass) and Matt Durrell (drums). 1990's group. One track "New Avenger" appeared on the "Walthamstow's Finest" CD. Another track "Lesson now" appeared on another local compilation CD "Pop Idol Personality Profiles".
    Nilguns Bleeding - Keith Prince (guitar), Danielle Higgins (vocals), Zee (vocals), John Starkey (bass) and Mark Conlon (drums). 1990's group. Their track "Insecticide" was included on the compilation CD "Pop Idol Personality Profiles".
    None Attack -
  15. Oak Street Band - 1960's group. John Knowles from E17 was a member. They played 1940's R&B.
    One More Ghost - 1990's Group. At least one member lived in E17.
    Optimus Maximus - Often used the name "The Others". Members were Chris Spyrides (vocals), Jo Scannell (guitar), Mark Cottrell (guitar), Pete Casey (bass) and John Gleeson (drums). Active between September 1997 and August 1999. One member lived in E17 and one in E4.
    Others - See Optimus Maximus.
  16. Pacifics - 1960's group who represented Marsh Street Youth Club at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest.
    Pam - Richard Langston (vocals), Richard Hughes (bass), L.Gould (guitar), D.Stanley (guitar) and Anthony Dunnings (drums). Played indie pop. One track "Space Rock" was featured on the CD Compilation "Walthamstow's Finest.
    Pariah - P.Simpson (guitar), J.Cooper (guitar/vocals), D.Ash (bass) and R.Seeberan (drums). One track "Wake Up" appeared on the CD Compilation "Walthamstow's Finest".
    The Pattons - R&B band. Members of The Alexander Patton Band reformed with this name, this time with Alan Miles as their singer and harp player. Played at The Bell pub in Forest Road, Walthamstow.
    Pay As You Go - East London garage band. Signed to Sony in 2002. Member Maxwell D came from E10.
    Peep Show - 1990's group. At least one member lived in E17.
    Pickett, Nick - Played guitar and harmonica in the early seventies. Often played at The Cooks Ferry Inn in Edmonton. Played at The Plough Inn in Wood Street, Walthamstow in 2009.
    Jimmy Riddle and The Pisspots -
    Plantpot - Group active in the 1990's. At least one member lived in E17.
    Pud - 1990's group.
  17. Rail Roaders - Active in 2008.
    Rare Bones - Tom Bloor (guitar/vocals), Jenny Bloor (bass/b.vocals), Leeroy Lugg (rhythm guitar), Alison Barling (accordion/vocals) and Gordon Chadwick (drums). The group were active between 1996 and 1998. "The Rare Bones (as opposed to The Bare Bones) were more guitar based with a fondness for bastardised Latin rhythms and raw sounding power pop." They privately distributed a Tape called "The Kitchen Tapes" in 1998 and a demo version of the same tape with less songs on it, called "The Kitchenette Tape."
    Red Light District - School band active in 2008.
    Red, White, Blues - 1960's group who represented William Elliott Whittingham at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest. They came 2nd to The Mixers. Members were: Robert Hodges (piano), Steve Sayer (guitar), Bob Butler (bass), John Wyatt (guitar), Laurie 'Red White' Beazley (vocals) and Tony McVey (drums). Won 1st Prize (out of 9 Bands) in a heat of The Melody Maker National Beat Contest held at Wimbledon Palias in May 1965 in front of 1,200 people. 100 of their fans went from The Crooked Billet PH in E17. Their Manager John Drew lived in Selborne Avenue, E17.
    Remnants Of Christ - Walthamstow 4pc piece band.
    Rock Bitch -
    Rose, Greg - Singer/songwriter who lives in E17.
  18. Saevio -
    Sainty, Russ - 1960's rock'n'roll star. Lived in Leyton.
    Sam Apple Pie - Sam Sampson (vocals), Andy Johnson (guitar), Bob Rennie (bass), Dave Charles (drums) and Mike Smith (guitar). Later members; Andy Clark (keyboards), Steve Jolly (guitar), Rex Morris (saxophone), Denny Barnes (guitar), Lee Baxter Hayes (drums), Martin Bell (drums), Mark DeMajo (bass), Harry Klein (saxophone) and Malcolm Morley (keyboards). Released two LP's, "Sam Apple Pie" in 1969 on Decca and "East 17" in 1973 on DJM. At least one member lived in E4 and another in E10.
    Schultz, Ben -
    Scott Free - One member lives in E17.
    Semion - Gary Ford (guitar/vocals), Andy Nix (bass), Huw Jennings (drums), James Wilkinson (keyboards) and Paul De Ste Croix (guitar). Formed in 1997 the band played 'guitar pop'. Released a CD called "Get A Grip" which although distributed in the USA and the Rest of Europe was only available by Mail Order in the UK. They have played in Los Angeles, USA. One member lived in E17.
    Sever - Members included Kevin McCreanor (drums).
    Shadez - Active in Walthamstow in 2009.
    Shattered - Kieran Ferguson (guitar), Ian Collie (guitar), Dave Clark (bass) and Sureign Sivagnanasundram (drums). Later Member was Stuart Hill (vocals). 1990's group.
    Shift - 1990's group. At least one member lived in E17.
    Showgun - Blues rock band. Members included Antony Carr from E4. active in 2003.
    Skintrade -
    Slack Padding - Richard Hill (bass), nineties group. One member lived in E10.
    Sliding Down The Walls - Ian( ). nineties group. At least one member lived in E17.
    Smashing Time - Mod/Soul group active in 2003. Members were Paul McCarthy (vocals), Jim Guynan (guitar/vocals), Bob Guynan (harmonica/vocals), Alvin Burrell (bass), Paul Freeman (keyboards) and Steve Besemer (drums). Three members live in E17.
    Sonica - Mid 1990's group. Two members lived in E17.
    Spartans - 1960's group. Members were John Knowles, Gerry Kirk, Howard, Colin and Martyn (vocals). They played on the same bill as The Rolling Stones, The Hollies and Georgie Fame and The Blue Fames. Recorded a demo called "Hearts Ice-Cold" with a girl singer called Julie. One member came from E17.
    Spectres - ?
    Spence, Brian - His songs have been recorded by Dusty Springfield and Michael Ball. A member of The Wish. Lives in E11.
    Spicy Goat - 5pc dance/dub/jazz band from Walthamstow. Active in 1998.
    Spitters - Rap duo from Norlington School. Active in 2008.
    A Splash Of Harry - Christine Reid (bass/vocals). 1990's group. Christine moved to Coventry and joined Martin Bowles in Attrition.
    Squish Lip System (SLS) - Keith Dearman (guitar/vocals), Nicola Kerry (bass/vocals) and Duncan Brownnutt (drums). 1990's group.
    The Stack - Leyton group of 1968. Members were Mike Raxworthy (vocals), Raymond Clark (drums), John Berryman (organ), Lawrence Crooker (bass) and Hedley Sampford (guitar).
    Star Education - Members were Chris Spyrides (guitar/bass/vocals), Michael Jackson (keyboards) and Ko-Chun (keyboards). Formed in September 1999. Two members lived in E17.
    Starcruiser - Gordon Shears (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Later Members, Jeff Moon (drums/vocals), Tony Regan (keyboards/vocals), Paul Watson (vocals), Debbie Anne Shears (b.vocals) and Tina Laylovely (vocals). Formed in the early 1990's for recording only. Various demo tapes exist and there was a privately distributed cassette tape sold. One member lived in E17 and one members worked in E17.
    The Starts - 4pc band of Tom Pounds (guitar/vocals), Paul Offord (bass/vocals), Dan Dare (drums) and Rob West (guitar). Released 'I can't afford to live in the South East' in 2007. Two members came from Chingford, one from Walthamstow and one from Epping.
    Stormcock - 1990's group. One member lived in E17.
    The Stow - Active in Walthamstow in 2009.
    The Substitutes -
    The Sunlight Band - The drummer Zoe Burton lived in Walthamstow. John Wishart (guitar/vocals) and Steve Bottcher (guitarist) lived in E11.
    The Super Goats - Active in 2006.
    Superflux - Four-Piece group from Waltham Forest consisting of three males and one female.
  19. Taxi - John Palmer (guitar/vocals), Lionel Cultrap (guitar/vocals), Peter Dunton (drums) and Mike Foster (bass/vocals). Active between 1990 and 1997.
    Tea For The Wicked - Steve Hemingway (keyboards/guitar/harmonica/vocals), Steve Shaw (drums), Tony (guitar) and Jack (bass). Formed in 1992. Privately recorded and distributed three CD's and various tapes. One member lives in E10.
    Thin Blue Line - 1990's group from E4.
    3 D 3 - Lionel Cultrap (guitar/vocals), Peter Dunton (drums/vocals) and Mike Foster (bass/vocals). Formed in 2000, originally called Legacy. One member lives in E17.
    T.N.T's - 1960's group who played at the 1965 Waltham Forest Grand Beat Contest.
    Too Darn Hot - Members live in Walthamstow and Leyton. They are now Bootleg Blondie.
    T2 - Peter Dunton (drums/vocals), Keith Cross (guitar) and Bernie Jinks (bass). Later members were, Mike Foster (bass/b.vocals), Alex Freedman (guitar/b.vocals), Ray Lee (guitar) and Martin Asker (guitar). The Band were active between 1970 and 1979, they got together again in 1989 and still occasional record. Released the following albums, "It'll All Work Out In Boomland" in 1970 on the Decca Label and three others for World Wide Records, "Second Bite", "Waiting For The Band" and "On The Frontline". Three unofficial CD's were available on the Internet through Korean and Japanese Companys. One Track "Flying" appeared on the CD "Walthamstow's Finest." One of the Later members lived in E17 before moving to Thailand.
    Tucker's Torpedoes - 1960's group. Members were Pete Davidson (saxophone/piano), John Knowles (vocals), Paul Wooden (drums), James Young (bass) and Dave Basham (guitar). One member came from E17.
  20. Underwater -
    Urban Lady -
    Useful - Members included Chris Spyrides (guitar/vocals) and Jo Scannell (guitar). Active in 2006.
  21. Van The Band - Van Morrison tribute band. Members included John Matthews. Two members live in Waltham Forest.
    Velocity - Natasha Matthews (vocals), David Matthews (keyboards), Vincent Wright (bass) and Kieran Ferguson (drums). Active in 2000 and 2001. Two members live in E4 and one lives in E17.
    Vicious Bootlace - Gary Dexter (flute/vocals), Tom Bloor (guitar/b.vocals), James Dexter (keyboards/b.vocals), Jenny Bloor (bass) and Keith Royds (drums). Played punk/new wave and were active between 1978 and 1980. Appeared on vinyl once, as None Attack, on a Compilation LP called "A Sudden Surge Of Sound" with the track "Carpe Diem". The album was released in 1980. Privately distributed some tapes, "Liquid Job" (1978), "It Doesn't Exist" (1979) and "Abba's Greatest Hits" (1980).
    Von Trappe Family - Nick Saloman (multi-instrumentalist). 1980's group.
  22. Warwicks - Geoff Gibbs (rhythm guitar), Ray 'Jasper' Drake (guitar), Mick Eden (drums) Les Parsons (vocals) and Ron Biggs (bass). Les Parson's soon left and was replaced by Bob Newley. They then changed their name to The Creator.
    Washington Rays - Active in 2003. Members included Linda McDonald. One member lives in E17. Two others lived in E10.
    Wasp - 1980's group.
    Well Hung - 1990's group.
    The Wish - Acoustic trio (2m,1f). Brian Spence was a member. Brian Spence has had his music recorded by Dusty Springfield and Michael Ball. At least one member lives in E11.
    W.I.T -
    Wormhole - Chris Spyrides (vocals), Jo Scannell (guitar), Peter Casey (bass) and John Gleeson (drums). Active between September 1994 and May 1995. One track "Brave" appeared on the "Walthamstow's Finest" CD. Also had a track on another compilation CD featuring groups who had played at 'Libertys' a music venue in Romford, Essex. One member lived in E17 and one in E4.
  23. The Y's Guys
    They flourished between 1964-67. Five members:
    Paul Wellman - lead guitar
    John Austin - base guitar
    Ron - rhythm guitar
    Ray Paris - drums
    Alan - vocals
    They won the "East London Beat Contest" - or something like that- in 1967. They were to make a demo disc as a result. But the band disbanded, as schooldays were ending, and all were in that 17-19 age group, and needed to go and find a job in the real world. I think Ray on the drums became a successful session musician in later years. (Thanks to contributor: Terry Allen)
  24. ZaZu Pit - Nic Stephens (guitar/bass/vocals), James Staff (guitar/mandolin/vocals), Paul Patey (drums) and T.Wellington. 1990's group. One track "Quilts Up" appeared on "Walthamstow's Finest". Another track "No kisses on this card" was included on the "Pop Idol Personality Profile" CD.
    Zeroes - 1980's group.
    Zoot Suite - 1960's group. John Knowles from E17 was a member.
    Zuno Men - Named after large brained aliens in a Japanese Sci-Fi TV Show. Original members were Keith Adams (guitar/vocals), Andrew Worrel (drums), Illinois Cook (guitar/bass) and Andrew Green (violin/keyboards). Later members were, Rhodri Marsden (guitar/bass/vocals), Dave Ross (drums), Leighton Crook (xylophone/keyboards) and Judith Goodman (piano). Active between 1992 and 2000. Released two albums, "People" (1996) and "I'm Going to Like you Even if you Hate Me" (1999). Also released six EP's/singles which received airplay by John Peel, Gary Crowley and others. Gigged in Holland, France, Switzerland and Germany. One original and one later member came from E17.