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This section, acquired by Walthamstow Memories, was originally created and developed as part of a larger project (the "World B&V Files") by Dave Hughes.

The Waltham Forest Bands & Venues is a "work-in-progress" project: if anyone can help in adding any details, corrections, amendments, etc or by giving suggestions, please Email Daniel
Thanks to Dave Hughes for his help in this section.


Assembly Hall, Station Road, Chingford, London, E4 7EN.
Fri 4th Dec - Abba Magic - £12
Fri 11th Dec - Mission Blue - £12

The Queen Elizabeth, Rangers Road, Chingford, London, E4.
5th Oct - Iron Maiden

Ridgeway Park, The Ridgeway, Chingford, London, E4.

Royal Forest Hotel, Station Rd, Chingford, London, E4.
1968 Sun 15th Sept - Gun

The Bull & Crown, The Green, Chingford, London, E4.
For a short while in 2003 the pub went under the name Molly K's.
Sat 27th Apr - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat 10th Aug - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat 28th Sep - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat 16th Nov - Fish On Fire - Free
Sun 2nd Mar - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat 24th May - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat 21st Jun - Undercover + Boogie Nights - Free
Sat 19th Jul - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat 1st Nov - Fish On Fire - Free

The Green Man, Chingford, London, E4.
Sat 29th Nov - Next Of Kin

The Old Hall Tavern, 200 Hall Lane, Chingford, London, E4 8EY. Tel: 020 8529 2405.
Fri 12th Dec - Rascals - Free
Sat 13th Dec - Randy & The Rockets - Free
Fri 19th Dec - Mike West - Free
Sat 20th Dec - Ballroom Blitz - Free
Fri 26th Dec - Scam 69 - Free
Sat 27th Dec - Slider - Free
Sat 7th Feb - Hot Maegus - Free
Sat 28th Feb - The Runner Brothers - Free
Fri 24th Apr - Hot Maegus -Free

The Royal Oak, 219 Kings Head Hill, Chingford, London, E4 7PP.
20th Dec - Tina T

The Royston, 83 Chingford Mount Rd, Chingford, London, E4 8LU. Tel: 020 8498 2901.
Sat 26th Apr - Fish On Fire - Free
Sat Feb 3rd - Longshot + 9Eye + Traps - Free
Sat July 21st - Longshot + The Backyard Flames + W.I.T - Free
Sat Jan 19th - Cupid Stunts - Free
Sat Apr 26th - Cupid Stunts - Free
Sat Jun 21st - Cupid Stunts - Free
Sat Jul 5th - Longshot - Free
Sat Oct 25th - Cupid Stunts - Free
Sat Dec 6th - The Runaways - Free - (Cancelled)
Sat Dec 20th - Longshot - Free - Longshot's last gig.
Sat 30th May - Hot Maegus - Free
Fri 26th Sep - The Runaways - Free
Sat 5th Dec - Hot Maegus - Free

Chingford Village Festival
Chingford Village Festival was organised by Bull Sheet Music and was centered around The Green at the end of Station Road. Apart from live music the event included various children's activities, stalls, etc not only on The Green but in various locations in the immediate area.
2003 - Sat June 21st - Free
Waltham Forest Plectrum Guitar Band, Nick Barclay, The Wish, Annabelle, Paradise Street, Leah, Eternal Children, Midwich, Cuckoos, ClayPigeon, Bewley Brothers, Estate Of The Arts, Lewellyn, Six Ton Squirrel, Showgun, Shalika, Bricktop, Tongue On A Low Wire, Enid, Loose Covers, Bavarian Strollers, Bavarian Strolling Oompah Band, E.L. Concertina Band
2008 - Sat June 28th - Free
Steve White, Russ Chandler, Al Neville & Sally Vinson, Richard Staines, Contraband Singers, Apache John, Andy De Rosa, The Alternative Book Club, Alan Francis, Ye Essex Babes, Di Billinghurst, Three Second Delay, Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee, The Cyklones, The Blue Jays, Jazz Two, Aimless Mules.
The Police False, Taken By Storm, Bob Collum And The Welfare Mothers - £8.00
2009 - Sat June 27th Bloke in a Hat, Di Billinghurst, Steve White, Russ Chandler, Al Neville, Sweet Harmonie, The Alternative Book Club, Lizzie B, Future Faces, Aimless Mules, Apache John, Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee, The New Giants - Free
The Bohemians, Cody Lee, Skylinerz - £8.00

(to be continued...)