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This section, just recently acquired by Walthamstow Memories, was originally created and developed as part of a larger project (the "World B&V Files") by Dave Hughes and is under construction.

The Waltham Forest Bands & Venues is a "work-in-progress" project: if anyone can help in adding any details, corrections, amendments, etc or by giving suggestions, please Email Daniel
Thanks to Dave Hughes for his help in this section.

Albarn, Damon - Singer/songwriter and record producer was born in Leytonstone on the 23rd March 1968.
Albarn, Keith - Manager of Soft Machine and father of Damon. Taught Art at Walthamstow Arts College in the 1960's.
Attriction - Member of this Coventry group, Christine Reid lived in E17 during the 1990's and played with local groups, A Splash Of Harry and Little Black Dog.
Baker, Cheryl - The Bucks Fizz singer lived in Walthamstow.
Berry, Mike - Singer of the 1960's. Had a Car Tuning business in Boundary Road, E17 in the late 1970's called Neptune Racing.
Bevan, Alonza - Bass guitarist with Kula Shaker lived in Waltham Forest.
Bizzle, Lethal - Rap artist. Lived in Walthamstow.
Blake, Peter - The artist who painted the sleeve cover of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' by The Beatles lived in Walthamstow.
Bolan, Marc - Lived in Fillebrook Road, E11 for a short while?
Bombers - Late 1970's group from West London. Member Harry worked in E17 in 2003.
Box, Mike - Member of rock band Uriah Heep. Born in Walthamstow.
Bromheads Jacket - Their track 'Poppy Bird' from the album 'Dits from The Commuter Belt' released in 2006 made reference to Walthamstow in the chorus.
Charlton, Johnny - A member of the world known "The Rokes" band, was born in Walthamstow and lived in the Wood Street area.
Clear Blue Sky - Maxine Simms who is in the reformed group was born in E17 and lived in the borough for twenty years before moving to West London.
Collen, Phil - Lead guitarist with Def Leppard lived in Waltham Forest.
Cosmic Charlies - Richard Hill from E10 played bass with this Grateful Dead cover band.
Crane, Vincent - Atomic Rooster member. Lived in the Borough at some time.
Crush, Bobby - Lived in Leyton.
Dave Clark Five - Saxophonist Dennis Peyton lived in Brettenham Road, Walthamstow.
Dankworth, John - Jazz Composer, Saxophonist and Clarinetist was born in Woodford but grew up in Highams Park. He attended Selwyn Junior School in Highams Park and George Monoux Grammer School in Chingford Road, Walthamstow. He was awarded a CBE.
Devlin, Adam - Guitarist with The Bluetones lived in Walthamstow at one time.
Dianno, Paul - Original singer with Iron Maiden was born (Paul Andrews) in Chingford on 17th May 1958 and lived in Highams Park. In 2003 he was playing most Fridays in Plaistow with his band Storey. Played at The Bell in Forest Road on June 7th 2003.
Dury, Ian - Attended Walthamstow Arts College. Was a regular drinking at The Bell in Forest Road.
Essex, David - Lived in Leytonstone at one time.
The Flaming Groovies - The American band apparently lived in a flat in Walthamstow in 1972 before being 'thrown out' of the country.
Harris, Steve - Iron Maiden drummer lived in Leytonstone at one time.
Harrison, Caroline - Singer/songwriter lived in Verulam Avenue, Walthamstow in 2008.
Hillage, Steve - Guitarist, born Stephen Simpson Hillage in Chingford on the 2nd August 1951. He was in various bands including, Uriel, Egg, Gong, Khan and System 7.
Jaffa, Max - Violin player. Played at The Empire (corner of Hoe Street and Forest Road) accompanying early silent films.
Kenzie - Rapper born James Victor MacKenzie in Chingford on 6th January 1986. He was a member of Blazin' Squad.
Nelson, Grant - Radio DJ. Went to school in Chingford.
Powell, Cozy - Did he live in Blackhorse Road/Lane at any time?

  • 18 Apr 2011
    I went to Willowfield School in the 70s. My Dad was a local bus driver and told me back then that Cozy Powell lived in the cottages in Blackhorse Lane at the end of Tavistock Avenue. I believe its the row starting at nr 63 but I'm not sure exactly which one.
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Saverio, Charrisa - Known as DJ Rap. Grew up in Walthamstow.
Scam 69 - Member Mark Saunders run East London Cassette Copying in E10. Later relocated to Islington.
Frank Sentinella - Saxophonist, lived in E17 in 2008.
The Sinatras - Member Phillip Comley, of this 1980's Leicester group lived in Hoe Street, E17 in the 1990's before moving to Wanstead, E11.
Stanshall, Vivian - Grew up in Grove Road, Walthamstow and attended Walthamstow Arts College.

Other People from Waltham Forest

Agyemang, Patrick -
Albert, Jodi -
Bailey, Danny -
Bailey, David - Photographer.
Barnard, George Alfred -
Beck, Harry - Creator of The London Underground map lived in Leytonstone.
Beckham, David - Professional footballer. Lived in Leytonstone.
Boaks, Bill -
Cairns, Dave -
Cohen, Gary -
Cornwell, Jack -
Cotton, William -
Cradock, Fanny - Cook.
Day, Chris -
Davies, Alan - Actor, lived in Chingford.
Davies, Curtis -
Disraeli, Benjamin - Former British Prime Minister went to Higham Hill School in Walthamstow.
Dobson, Craig -
Edwards, George - A British aircraft designer born in Highams Park on the 9th July 1908. Knighted in the 1950's. Designed Concorde.
Fenn, Joanne -
Fersht, Alan -
Fleisch, Jody -
Fox, Samantha - Ex glamour model lived in Chingford.
Gage, Larry -
Gooch, Graham -
Goodman, Jon -
Grinter, Tray -
Hall, Fitz - Professional footballer.
Hamilton, Marvin -
Harrold, Matt -
Hayes, Martin -
Henderson, Don - Actor.
Hewer, John -
Hitchcock, Alfred - Film-maker, lived in Leyton.
Holdsworth, David - Professional footballer.
Holdsworth, Dean - Professional footballer.
Hoyte, Gavin -
Hoyte, Justin -
Hussey, Leonard -
Ive, Jonathan -
Kazim-Richards, Colin -
Keeble, Curtis -
Lissack, Russell -
Moles, James -
Monoux, George -
Morgan, Ian -
Morgan, Roger -
Morris, William -
Neighbour, Jimmy -
Norgate, Graeme -
Phillips, Eddie -
Phillips, Leslie - Lived in Chingford.
Robinson, Sydney Walter -
Robinson, Tony - Actor and TV presenter.
Ross, Jonathan - TV presenter. Grew up in Leytonstone.
Ross, Paul - TV presenter. Grew up in Leytonstone.
Sheringham, Charlie -
Sheringham, Teddy - Professional footballer born in Highams Park on the 2nd April 1966.
Shield, Solomon -
Sims, Jim -
Singh, Talvin - Sorabji, Kaikhosru Shapurji -
Stíofáin, Seán Mac -
Taylor, Charles Benjamin -
Todd, Ron -
Townsend, Andros -
Tresadern, Jack -
Vango, Alf -
Warsap, Johnny -
Watkinson, Angela -
Webb, Douglas -
Williams, Billy - Professional footballer born in 1905.
Woodyatt, Adam - Actor.
Yearley, Steven -

Other Local Trivia

Cheryl Baker - Her sister had a Dress shop in Walthamstow High Street, called Sheila Anthony.
Barron Knights - Their version of 'Angelo' (by Brotherhood Of Man) mentions Walthamstow.
Wings - Their song 'Old Siam' mentions Walthamstow.