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This section, just recently acquired by Walthamstow Memories, was originally created and developed as part of a larger project (the "World B&V Files") by Dave Hughes and is under construction.

The Waltham Forest Bands & Venues is a "work-in-progress" project: if anyone can help in adding any details, corrections, amendments, etc or by giving suggestions, please Email Daniel
Thanks to Dave Hughes, Gary & Bev Minall for their help in this section.


The Bull & Crown PH, The Green
Groups who have played there include: Double Trouble and Evolution. The venue has also been used as part of the Chingford Festival organised by Bull Sheet Music.
Molly K's, The Green
Originally called The Bull And Crown.
In 2003 Bands like Undercover (a duo), Fish On Fire and Boogie Nights (5pc) played there.


The Lord Cecil, Capworth Street
National Gold played there for a while.

The Greyhound PH, Lea Bridge Rd
In the early 1970's groups like The Groundhogs played there on a Friday night.

Shoelaces, High Road E10
Originally called The Prince Of Wales.

The Three Blackbirds PH, 640 High Road E10
In the 80's and the 90's a lot of pub cover bands played there until live groups were stopped sometime in 2002. Groups who played there include Glorious, Uncle Sam, Evolution, The Hand, Strangers No More and Charlies Aunt.

The William IV PH, High Road E10
In 1968 they had a Folk Club there called The Pedro Folk Club. Among the people appearing there at that time were Terry Munday, Don Partridge and Pete Ronald. Over the years many groups have played here. In 2003 it was Banjo Les and Friends. They are better than they sound.


Bugsy's Wine Bar, High Road E11

The Cowley Arms PH, High Road E11

The Crown, High Road E11

The Cube PH, 762 High Road E11
Originally called The Green Man. In the mid 1990's Wildcat Promotions (Chris & Tina McMurray) tried to run a regular band night but it didn't take off, mainly because it had a late licence and was well known as a disco venue. Tea For the Wicked, Well Hung and Divided Opinions where among the groups that played there at that time.

The Green Man PH, 762 High Road E11

In the late 70's Powerpack had a residency here. Also in the late 70's/early 80's this pub had a late licence and bands like Straight Eight played there on a Friday night.

The Heathcote PH, Grove Green Road
Cover bands like Charlie's Aunt and many others played there in the 90's in one of the downstairs bars (free admission). The Function room upstairs was run in the mid 90's for a while by Dave Hughes (Magnolia Promotions) before he moved to the Chestnut Tree in Walthamstow.

Kirkdale Wine Bar, Kirkdale Road
Tea For The Wicked played there on a few occasions in the 90's.

The Lord Rookwood PH, Cann Hall Road
East Side Jazz Club regularly put on nights there.

O'Neil's Irish Bar, 762 High Road E11
Formerly called The Cube and originally known as The Green Man. In 2003 has live music on most Friday and Saturday nights.

The Plough and Harrow PH, High Road E11
In the late 60's Powerpack played a four times a week residency here.

The Red Lion PH, 640 High Road E11
Friday nights upstairs in the Function room were popular there in the early 70's. Groups who played there include Writing On The Wall and Status Quo. Run by Steve Bates at one time in the early 70's. Chestnut Tree's Chez Club relocated there for awhile in 1971. Hawkwind played there under this banner on the 10th December 1971.

Zulu's Bar, 640 High Road E11

In 2003 live music was on Friday and Saturday nights.


The Assembly Hall, Forest Road
Local bands Sam Apple Pie and Alexander Patton played here in the early 70's as well as more famous groups.

The Bell PH, Forest Road
In the sixties local bands Alexander Patton, Vandals Blues, The Five Short, The Pattons and The Barristers played a residency here. On Saturday June 7th 2003, Dennis Stratton (ex Iron Maiden) played there with his band Storey.

The Brewery Tap PH, Markhouse Road
In the late 60's/early 70's Jimmy T and The Paladins played a residency here.

The Chestnut Tree PH, Lea Bridge Road
The downstairs bar (free admission) often had groups playing there in the early 90's. The Function room upstairs was run as a popular Friday night venue with an admission charge. It first opened on January 23rd 1970 (Quintessence played) and was called The Chez Club. The Club manager was Steven Bates who booked bands through NEMS Enterprises. In the early 90's Irene Bull (Bull Sheet Music) put groups on there on a Thursday night. Groups playing there at that time included Loughton band Strange Fruit and Business. Later in the 90's Dave Hughes (Magnolia Promotions) put groups/Singer-Songwriters on there, mostly on a Thursday night. Most local bands played there at some time and a local CD 'Walthamstow's Finest' was born from one of the All Day events he organised. After two years he left and his then Soundman Vince Moon took over. Vince Moon (Red Bus Promotions) continued to run Thursday nights for another year or so putting on local bands like Tyrone.

The Common Gate, Markhouse Road
In the late 60's The Alexandre Patton Band played there.

The Dukes Head PH, Wood Street
Expose were playing there on a regular basis in 2003.

Flanagans PH, The Tower Hoe Street
In the early 90's a regular Blues night was held in the upstairs Function room on Wednesday.

The Flowerpot PH, Wood Street
The Hand, Ash and Dream Circle were playing there on a regular basis in 2003.

The Granada Cinema, Hoe Street
The Granada was used as a venue for music between 1946 and 1973. The Rolling Stones played there in 1963. Crazy World Of Arthur Brown played there in November 1968. See the past gigs file for others that have played here.

Lord Brooke PH, Shernhall Street
Singers and duo's sang there in the 90's.

The Nags Head PH, Orford Road

Some groups organised there own nights upstairs in the small Function room. In the mid 90's Dave Hughes (Magnolia Promotions) organised nights there before moving to The Heathcote because it was too small. Among the groups that played there then were Tea For The Wicked and Momma's Spliff (both on the first night), Plant Pot and Catherine Wheel.

The Plough PH
In 2003 they started putting on groups. 'Blues Jam' nights started on Monday's from the 20th October 2003.

The Sportsman, Markhouse Road
Originally called The Common Gate. In the mid 90's David Graham (Guitar/Vocals -Later member of The Tornado's) played there in a duo/trio for a while on Thursdays.

The Rose & Crown PH, Hoe Street
In 2003 they had a Folk Club there.

Standard Music Venue, Blackhorse Lane
Originally started in mid 1986. Still going strong in 2009. At one time Jack Dee, Harry Enfield and Richard Digance appeared there. Suzi Quatro, The Groundhogs and Man have all been among the favourites that have played there.

The Swan PH, Wood Street

Walthamstow Technical College, Forest Road
In the early seventies many groups played here including, Deep Purple, America, Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts and Taj Mahal. Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts had a successful chart entry when they used the pseudonym Terry Dactyl and The Dinosaurs. The track was called 'Seaside Shuffle'. I can remember that on the Deep Purple night there were so many people there. that a few people at the front fainted and had to be lifted over the crowd and passed to the back to waiting help.

Walthamstow Theatre, Lloyds Park, Forest Road
Groups such as Jimmy Riddle and The Pisspots and Sam Apple Pie played there. In the nineties the Council organised live music there under the WAH 17 Banner. Previously this was done at The Standard Music Venue in the late 1980's.


Duke Of Edinburgh PH, Nightingale Rd
Duo 'Undercover'(1f,1m) were playing there on a Monthly basis in 2003.