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Markhouse School Staff - C1965-6

Markhouse School. Boys Playground

Hello Daniel,

This is the best I can do, one photo is Gamuel Road school and the others are Markhouse Road.
I do know many names but just do not know how to attach them to the photos.

Markhouse Rd. School 1948

Markhouse Rd. School 1948

Markhouse Rd. School 1949

Markhouse Rd. School 1949

Markhouse Rd. School 1950

Markhouse Rd. School 1950

Teacher: Mr Bowyer
  • Top Row: ?, Myself, Brian Cox,?,?, Patrick Coleman, Dorothy Biswell,
  • Next row: ?, ?, Sheila Bavin, ?, Iris Lane, ?,?,?,?,
  • Next Row: Jean Truman, ?,?, Barbara Lewis, ?,?,?,?,?,
  • Bottom Row: Douglas Bennet, ?, Leonard Basset, Geoffrey Humberstone, Tony Kill, ?

  • Markhouse Rd. School 19??

    Markhouse Rd. School 1952

    Teacher Miss Townsend
  • Top row: Douglas Bennett, ?, me, Ray Humberstone, Patrick Coleman, ?,?,
  • Next row: Mitzi ?, ?,?,?,?, Sheila Bavin
  • Next row: Barbara Lewis, ?, ?, Jeanette Mitchell, ?,?,?, Dorothy Biswell
  • Bottom Row: David Miller, Shirley Russell, Iris Lane, ?, Leonard Bassett

  • Markhouse Rd. School 19??

    Markhouse Rd. School 19??

    I think this is Gamuel Road school pre 1947 so many names forgotten...
  • Top row ?,?, Eric Watling, ?,?,?, Me, ?
  • Next row ?,?,?,?,?,?, Pauline Bird, ?,?,
  • Next row ?,?,?,?,?,?, Iris Ives, Doreen Pavitt, ?, ?,
  • Bottom row ?, Leonard Grub, ?,?,?,?,?,

  • Markhouse Rd. School 19??

    Markhouse Rd. School 19??
    Walthamstow (extract)

    L to R: ?,?, Iris Ives, Doreen Pavett

    Len HALL
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    This is my first contact with you. Found this photograph of the Markhouse Road team that won the 1st Division Schools Football Championship in the 1947-48 season. As far as my memory will allow the names are as follows:

    Markhouse Road Team

    Front row (left to right):
    1 - Woods
    2 - Moores

    Second row (left to right):
    1 - Blanks
    2 - Stevens (Vice Capt.)
    3 - Orchard (Capt.)
    4 - Chapman
    5 - Tebbs

    Third row (left to right):
    1 - Mr. Blumson (Sports Master)
    2 - Sands
    3 - Shakeshaft
    4 - Lewis
    5 - Wellhams
    6 - Cooper
    7 - Mr. Easton (Headmaster)

    It was a privilege to be captain of this team and I wonder if anyone out there knows if there are any other members of this team still around.

    Happy New Year & Regards

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    Hi Daniel,

    I have just been surfing the WM website and I see that there are a few gaps in photos for my old school Markhouse Road, so here are the ones I have on file plus a leaving letter for me from my form mistress Miss Townsend, I still have the letter in my reference files.

    Markhouse Rd. - 1948

    Markhouse Rd. - Teachers - 1949

    Markhouse Rd. - 1949

    Markhouse Rd. - 1950

    Markhouse Rd. - Thames Trip 1951

    Markhouse Rd. - Dance at Gamuel 1953

    Markhouse Rd. - Brussels 1954

    Markhouse Rd. - Letter 1952

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    Miss Jean Paddock with the girls
    in the Jym (back row, centre)

    Miss Paddock, Mr Parrot, Miss Wilcox, Mr Fairclough

    Markhouse School - List of Heads (alphabetical)
    Name Office Years Notes
    G.R. Easton Head 1952

    Markhouse School - List of Teachers (alphabetical)
    Name Office Years Notes

    Markhouse School - List of Staff (alphabetical)
    Name Office Years Notes
    Agnes L.K. Townsend Form Mistress 1952

    Markhouse School - List of Pupils (alphabetical)
    Name Years Notes
    Len Hall 1948-52 Now living in Australia

    Markhouse School - Reunions
    Date Notes
    1958/60? See picture

    Markhouse (Marsh Street) Drama Club (MDC)

    The Markhouse Drama Club (MDC) was based at the Mark House Secondary School in Walthamstow, from 1955 to 1977, where it offered the local young people a wide range of performing arts activities and experiences - along with a great deal of friendship and fun!
    A new, 'non performing' Markhouse Drama Club, established and ran by its former members, maintains a website hosting a wide range of production, school and re-union memorabilia. The website also contains memorabilia from the performing arts activities that have been run and funded under the auspices of The Cyril Malyon Memorial Fund (CMMF) - a charitable, non-profit voluntary organisation, formed in 2013 in recognition of his leadership of the MDC throughout the above period.
    If you were a member of the Markhouse Drama Club, or a pupil at the school during this period, you can find all the above memorabilia, and details of how to make contact with your former friends, on:
    The MDC would welcome any photographs, programmes, scripts and other memorabilia from productions, or of the school, for use on the website. Here are some pictures:

    1977 Presentation to Cyril Malyon at the closure of the Drama Club

    Drama Club Production of 'On Monday Next'

    Drama Club Rehearsal

    Sorry, no further information currently available, but if you wish to add your own memories about this school, email to Daniel at: