Who was McEntee?

Valentine McEntee Valentine McEntee

Valentine McEntee (1871-1953) C.B.E

was made the 1st Baron McEntee of Walthamstow in 1953.mHe was an Irish-born Labour Member of Parliament in the UK. He was born in Kingstown (now DĂșn Laoghaire) near Dublin, the son of William Charles McEntee, a physician, and Kate, daughter of Valentine Burchell.

He was a member of James Connolly's Irish Socialist Republican Party. After a brief stay in the United States he moved to London and became a member of Social Democratic Federation (SDP), when he went on to help found the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB) in June 1904, but he resigned in 1905 after he was nominated as parliamentary candidate for the Labour Representation Committee. After leaving the SPGB, he joined the Independent Labour Party.

By 1908 he was back in the SDF, being a local election candidate for that organisation in Walthamstow. In 1909 he published a short pamphlet Socialism Explained, a criticism of capitalism.

McEntee School Badge

The following year he was a delegate at the Social Democratic Party (as the SDF had been renamed) Conference and was elected to its 1910-1911 Executive Committee. He became became a member of the Labour Party via the British Socialist Party, the successor to the SDF, which affiliated in 1916. During the later part of the First World War he was a member of the relatively large and actively anti-war North London Herald League. In 1920 he married Catherine Windsor and became a local councillor for the Labour Party in Walthamstow. He went on to become MP for Walthamstow West from 1922 to 1924 and again from 1929 to 1950, and served Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Works, George Hicks, from 1942 to 1945. He was Mayor of Walthamstow from 1929 to 1930 and 1951 to 1952. He was appointed a Order of the British Empire, CBE, in 1948. His impressive portrait is in the Walthamstow Town Hall annexe to the Council chamber.

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I left McEntee in 1979. I cannot remember for the life of me what all the elements meant in our school badge, but I remember having it drummed into us LOL but nope its gone!
I was hoping you could help,

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Daniel, I was one of the original pupils of McEntee, which was originally South West Essex Tec. I left in 1958. It was a very forward thinking school at that time.

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Hi Daniel,

I was going through some old papers recently and came across a fairly comprehensive list of McEntee pupils who all started there in 1966 ( which makes us all 60 now!). Can I ask you to add them to the pupil list as it may jog a few more people's memories.

Jennifer Best, Hilary Bond, Veronica Breed, Maureen Brett, Lynn Clark, Kathryn Cook, Diane Crocket, Jacqueline Davies, Kathleen Davis, Gillian Dawson, Janice Edwards, Jacqueline Feltham, Christine Frisby, Anne Froud, Christine Ferguson, Christine Fulbrook, Christine Hammersten, Mary Henderson, Wendy Hiller, Mary Hurst, Margaret Jackson, Sally Jones, Susan Kay, Joyce Kimber, Susan Grice, Pamela Leonard, Susan Long, Patricia Milne, Georgina Mowbray, Gillian Nelson, Christine Nicholls, Dina Osborne, Jeanette Perrott, Christine Reeves, Jacqueline Smith, Yvonne Smith, Angela Stevens, Nancy Towler, Elaine Ward, Glynis Wastell, Andrea Wiles, Dawn Williams, Gillian Winter, Christine Woodward, Theresa Wootton, Maureen Young.

Robert Allitt, Martin Anderson, Graham Atkins, David Bamber, Steven Blackwell, Howard Blair, David Butcher, Raymond Castle, Ronald Chapel, Dexter Coles, Tony Cooke, Roy Coombe, Robin Defoe, Nigel Barrett, John Dunham, John Edwards, Barry Forrester, Mark Garbutt, Tony Gilbert, Patrick Gill, David Glass, Ian Handley, Keith Hawks, Steven Hardcastle, David Harrison, Steven Heasman, Stuart Heasman, Geoffrey Hunt, Philip Else, Tony Driver, Roger Ingram, Trevor Ingrave, Eric Jackson, Ian Kirby, Philip Looker, John Mace, Stephen Malme, Kenny Mason, Paul Masse, Michael McSweeney, Stephen Moore, Tony Morse, Richard Nagle, John Nickelson, Stephen Padbury, Stephen Pearce, Ian Hill, Stephen Johnson, Michael Pitcher, Alan Pratt, Stephen Reynolds, Tony Richards, Alan Skinner, Jeremy Staley, Ronald Stringer, Kevin Taylor, Terry Tatham, Colin Wickers, David Warby, Stephen Wedge, Peter Williams, Stephen Young, Gary Vaughan, Inderjeet Singh.

This list was put together by several people back in the late 80's to enable a re-union to be organised so may not be complete, or have accurate name spellings.

Best Wishes, and many thanks for all you do on this site

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This is a picture for all the former McEntee School pupils:


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McEntee Technical School - List of Heads (alphabetical)
Name Office Years Notes

McEntee Technical School - List of Teachers (alphabetical)
Name Office Years Notes
Adler, Mr. Reg Music 1960's Talented violinist
Butler, Miss English 1982-84
Heard, Miss History 1982-84
Jones, Mrs. French 1982-84
Smith, Mr. Business Studies 1982-84

McEntee Technical School - List of Staff (alphabetical)
Name Office Years Notes

McEntee Technical School - List of Pupils (alphabetical)
Name Years Notes
Allit, Robert 1966-?
Anderson, Martin 1966-?
Atkins, Graham 1966-?
Bamber, David 1966-?
Blackwell, Steven 1966-?
Blair, Howard 1966-?
Butcher, David 1966-?
Castle, Raymond 1966-?
Chapel, Ronald 1966-?
Coles, Dexter 1966-?
Cooke, Tony 1966-?
Coombe, Roy 1966-?
Defoe, Robin 1966-?
Barrett, Nigel 1966-?
Driver, Tony 1966-?
Dunham, John 1966-?
Edwards, John 1966-?
Else, Philip 1966-?
Forrester, Barry 1966-?
Garbutt, Mark 1966-?
Gilbert, Tony 1966-?
Gill, Patrick 1966-?
Glass, David 1966-?
Handley, Ian 1966-?
Hawks, Keith 1966-?
Hardcastle, Steven 1966-?
Harrison, David 1966-?
Heasman, Steven 1966-?
Heasman, Stuart 1966-?
Hill, Ian 1966-?
Hunt, Geoffrey 1966-?
Ingram, Roger 1966-?
Ingrave, Trevor 1966-?
Jackson, Eric 1966-?
Johnson, Stephen 1966-?
Kirby, Ian 1966-?
Looker, Philip 1966-?
Mace, John 1966-?
Malme, Stephen 1966-?
Mason, Kenny 1966-?
Masse, Paul 1966-?
McSweeney, Michael 1966-?
Moore, Stephen 1966-?
Morse, Tony 1966-?
Nagle, Richard 1966-?
Nickelson, John 1966-?
Padbury, Stephen 1966-?
Pearce, Stephen 1966-?
Pitcher, Michael 1966-?
Pratt, Alan 1966-?
Reynolds, Stephen 1966-?
Richards, Tony 1966-?
Singh, Inderjeet 1966-?
Skinner, Alan 1966-?
Staley, Jeremy 1966-?
Stringer, Ronald 1966-?
Taylor, Kevin 1966-?
Tatham, Terry 1966-?
Vaughan, Gary 1966-?
Wickers, Colin 1966-?
Warby, David 1966-?
Wedge, Stephen 1966-?
Williams, Peter 1966-?
Young, Stephen 1966-?

McEntee Technical School - Reunions
Date Notes

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