Who was Roger Ascham?

Roger Ascham

Roger Ascham is remembered in Walthamstow in the names of the school and the council's 'hands off' housing management company.
Daniel Binns, former Guardian reporter, tell us:

Ascham was born in Yorkshire in 1515 and it wasn't long before his natural talent shone through. Indeed, aged just 15 he was whisked off to study Greek at the prestigious St John's College in Cambridge.
After completing his degree he was swiftly elected a fellow at the age of 18, and his rapid ascent led to the rich clamouring for him to tutor their children, despite his own tender age.
Ascham's reputation grew to the point where he was a natural choice to be the new teacher of Princess Elizabeth when her tutor died in 1548.
The future Queen was a big fan of Ascham, but he left after two years, claiming to be offended by the impertinence of her servants.
However he soon found favour again with the royals, later being appointed a secretary to King Edward and then Queen Mary, before joining the court of his old pal Queen Elizabeth when she came to the throne in 1558.
It was then he moved to Walthamstow, taking up residence in Salisbury Hall Manor, which was located between Folly Lane and Chingford Road near today's Crooked Billet roundabout. The grand house cost Ascham £20 a year in rent to the Queen, which even back then was considered a bit of a bargain.
But his time in Walthamstow was brief. In 1568, at the age of 52, he died of an unidentified illness.

(Picture and text kindly provided by Bill Bayliss)

R. Ascham School
(Courtesy of John Farquhar)

Good morning Daniel, I was just going through some old photos and found this one of when I was in a school play at Roger Ascham Junior School. Guess it must have been around 1952 when I was living at Priory Court. I am in the front row wearing a black sack.

The play was called 'The Emperors New Clothes' I only had one line which was, 'Look! The Emperor wear no clothes!' I think the 'Emperor' (second from left at the back) was a Michael who lived in Millfield Ave at the time. Does anyone recognise themselves? Love to hear from you and see how life has treated you. Also I wonder, does anyone recall or know of Vera Dore, who lived in Carlton Road around that time who had a brother named Alan? We were great friends but lost touch when my family moved to Canvey Island where I still live today.
Best wishes to every one

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Hi, I lived in North Countess road, from about 4 onwards. Went to Roger Ascham, then to Sydney Chaplin Secondary modern. Left in 1966 when my parents emigrated to Oz. Have many fond memories of 3A with friends like Janet Hills, Judy Brown and Valerie Ball... also John Lapping, Richard Walker, Michael Davidson and many others, A great form teacher Mrs Gasson, anybody remember thoses times?

Charlene ALLEN
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I am enclosing a photo of me (Alan Ashton, third from the right) and the junior team, 1955. I cannot remember all the names, but here we go... Martin Humphreys (Goalie), Kenny Noble, Gary Hards, Brian Penalver (not too sure about my spelling), John DeMonte, went on to George Monoux, lived in the same block as me (Priory Court). The person on my right was Payne, sorry, can't remember his first name, but hopefully someone can fill in the names of the others.

Front row (left to right):
1 - ??, 2 - ??, 3 - ??, 4 - ??, 5 - ??, 6 - Alan Ashton, 7 - ? Payne, 8 - ??

Back row (left to right):
1 - ??, 2 - ??, 3 - ??

We moved from Priory Court to Welwyn Garden City Herts.,in February 1960. In 1988 my wife and twin girls emigrated to Calgary, Western Canada. One of my sisters never moved away from Walthamstow, she still lives in Penrhyn Avenue, five minutes walk from Roger Ascham Junior school. Many thanks

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2001 - I am looking for information on the Lighthouse, Markhouse Road. My greatgrandparents were married there in 1904. Could you refer me to anyone who might have historic info on the Lighthouse? Thank you for your help,

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My family (Stephen and Dorothy Brett and sons Maurice and Donald) lived at 43 Penrhyn Avenue from 1934/5. My brother Maurice & I attended Roger Ascham Schools until 1939 when we were transferred to Chapel End School - the Auxiliary Fire Service took over the Roger Ascham junior school.
I left for the Sir George Monoux Grammar School in 1942. The first two terms were spent with the Girls High School girls at the Chingford County High School before the army finally moved out of the Monoux school and the evacuees returned. The lower deck of the 38 bus often had to be emptied as we neared the top of Chingford Mount to allow the poor old bus to go the final few yards. Maurice remained at Chapel End where he was introduced to the magic of the violin by Miss Mary Gill and he later attended the Royal College of Music and became a professional violinist leading the BBC Northern Ireland Orchestra and BBC Symphony Orchestra as deputy leader before becoming free-lance.
I learned the 'cello so we often performed with other local amateur musicians during the late 1940s. I left the Monoux for University College London in 1950 and became a university lecturer in botany. After a couple of years with the Royal Signals in Cyprus and Aden I joined the Botany Dept of Glasgow University where I met my wife Mary Campbell. I came back south to Bedford College (London University) and eventually retired from the combined Royal Holloway/Bedford College. We have one son Alan (www.image-metrics.com) and daughter Jennifer who is with the Environment Agency.
Is there anyone of our era out there?

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