Who was Sidney Chaplin?

Sidney Chaplin

Sidney Chaplin

Sidney Nelson Chaplin was born in Walthamstow in 1896 and died in 1967. He was one of Herbert & Annie Chaplin's eight children. He married Annabella MacIntyre Elspeth Campbell in 1915 and they divorced in 1923. He married Ellen Ester Louisa Cole in 1924.

According to Old Monovian, V J Stirrup: Sidney Nelson Chaplin joined the (Monoux) School as a pupil in January 1908. He worked steadily and in 1910 he was successful in the Cambridge Local Examination. He had always shown a keenness and aptitude for games, and work and play were joined in a happy combination. His ability to concentrate on, and enjoy whatever he was doing was to continue throughout his life. From School he entered the Civil Service in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and he remained in this service for 43 years until his retirement as Senior Staff Officer. In 1924 he married Miss E. E. L. Cole and together they worked for social improvements through the Labour Movement.

Sidney Chaplin in 1960

Sidney Chaplin in 1960

To become a member of the Walthamstow Council was an obvious step and he was elected for Wood Street Ward in 1933. His work on the council was recognised by his election to the chairmanship of more and more important committees and finally to the office of Mayor of Walthamstow in 1946-47 and 1959-1960. In recognition of his devotion to the service of the Borough he was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Walthamstow in 1961. Although his interests were wide and he was always willing to help wherever needed, the young and the old were ever in his thoughts and his long period as chairman of the Education Committee and representative of the Walthamstow Council on the Essex Education Committee gave him great satisfaction.

In 1934 he became a Governor of the (Monoux) School and in 1946 he was elected chairman of the Governors. He remained Chairman for the rest of his life.

He had been indefatigable in the service of the School and whether at School functions, parents' evenings or Old Monovian activities, his warm and genial personality and ready laugh have always been welcomed. He rarely missed cup or shield football matches, where he was an appreciative, knowledgeable and keen supporter of the school. For nearly 20 years he has been the person I have consulted about major matters connected with the School and I have always looked to him for wisdom, balanced judgement and humanity and never looked in vain. Others, in other places have paid tribute to an ex-councillor, ex-mayor or ex-chairman of the Education Committee. I pay tribute to the Head of the Monoux family. On my last visit to him in hospital, a few days before he died, he instructed me on the arrangements to be made for Speech Day in the event of his not being well enough to attend and this typifies the characteristic which I believe he had above all other-his sense of duty. Nothing was allowed to stand in the way of that. If anyone ever followed the School motto of "Virtute et Probitate" "By manliness and integrity" he did. The School is much richer for his living and he deserves to be remembered with "George Monoux and others of our benefactors" on all those occasions when we give thanks to God for all who have helped to build our tradition and heritage.

(Text & picture kindly provided by Bill Bayliss)

I may be able to help you out with some of the Sidney Chaplin names and photos of Roger Ascham school, have tried to message on link that comes up but no luck let me know if you require help.

P.S.: I have six brother and one sister that attended Sidney Chaplin and Roger Ascham


John FARQUHAR Private Reply Public Reply

My Mum, Mrs Lillian Perschky, taught drama at Sydney Chaplin. Must have started in about 1969. Put on a good few dramas and performances there.

Ron PERSCHKY Private Reply Public Reply

Hi Daniel,
Just reviewed the list of pupils shown and there are many missing. Particularly my class for 1959 to 1960.

Just thought you should know


Fred HARRISON Private Reply Public Reply

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the great list of the teachers and pupils of Sydney Chaplin School. I was a pupil here from 1958 to 1962 and I would like to let you know that both Mrs Driver (needle work and deputy head) and Miss Bush were both at the school when I started in 1958. Miss Bush married and became Mrs Atwell.

Also on your list of pupils you have Janet Piper, she was in fact Patricia Piper (my best friend in those days).

Great memories.


Janet BULL
née PENALVER Private Reply Public Reply

Hi Daniel,

I am still looking for information on ex pupils and staff that went to or worked at Sidney Chaplin Secondary Modern School at any time from its opening in 1958 to when it closed. If anyone can help in any way, however small, can you please email me.
If anyone would like a copy of the information i currently have on this school please get in touch and i will send a copy by return.


Dave HUGHES Private Reply Public Reply

25 June 2012 - From " The Guardian" (on-line)

WALTHAMSTOW: Ex-pupils wanted for school reunion
By Daniel Binns. Senior reporter

Former pupils of the now defunct Sidney Chaplin Secondary School in Walthamstow are being encouraged to attend a reunion.
David Hughes and Steven Bulled, who were pupils in the 1960s, are hoping to organise the event for later this year in Waltham Forest.
The school was located at what is now William Morris School in Folly Lane.
A total of 12 former pupils have already expressed an interest in the reunion.
Email Mr Hughes on dhughes195257@gmail.com for more information.

Sidney Chaplin Secondary School - List of Heads (alphabetical)
Name Office Years Notes

Sidney Chaplin Secondary School - List of Teachers (alphabetical)
Name Office Years Notes
Acres, Mr Head 1960-1968
Attwell, Miss Girls PT 1968
Barrett, M
Bellow, Mr
Berriman, Miss S Acting Head
Berriman, Miss Girls PT 1968
Blake, Alison PE and Remedial English 1972-76 née Vince
Braham, Mr Pottery/Drama
Brindley, Mrs English 1980's
Broadbent, Miss RE
Broomfield, Miss
Broughton, Mr John PE 1970-85
Burton, Mr PE
Bush, Miss 1958-? Later Mrs Atwell
Childs, Miss Art+PE 1968
Clark, Miss Girls PT 1968
Dickman, Mr Woodwork 1968
Dickman, Mrs Secretary 1968
Diver, Miss Secretary 1968
Dobson, Mr Woodwork 1968
Dodsworth, Mrs Domestic Science 1968
Driver, Mrs Deputy Head/Needlework 1958-68
Evans, Mr Maths/PE 1980-81
Fleming, Mr Technical Drawing 1968
Gasson, Mrs RI+English 1963-68 Lived in Hugham Park
Gray, Mr Music
Hallett, Mr Maths/Metalwork 1965-68
Harrison, Mr Science/Physics 1968
Hill, Mr Groundsman - Cricket 1968
Holman, Miss Girls PT 1968
Horner, Mr Music 1960
Howlett, Mrs German
Hurst, Mr Maths 1968
Jones, Mr Metalwork 1968
Keeble, Miss English
Lane, Miss Art 1980's
Leake, Mrs French 1980-81
Levy, Miss Art
Machin, Mr H Geography
Millar, Miss
Morris, Mr Geography or History 1980's
Morris, Mr Paul Music 1960-68
Murray, Mr Maths
Needle, Mr
New, Mr Art 1968
Parry, Miss Art/Pottery 1980-81
Pegram, Mr Biology 1980-81
Perschky, Mrs Lillian Drama 1969-?
Pettepher, Mr Maths 1967-71
Phillips, Mr Music
Phillips, Mrs English
Powell, Mrs Geographyt
Robins, Mr Boys PT/English 1968
Russell, Mr Geography/English 1963-68
Scott, Miss PE 1980's
Sinclair, Miss Music 1967-71
Slade, Miss Linda Needlework/Cookery 1973-
Sowrey, Mrs Cooking
Spicer, Mr Games/PT/Maths 1968 Head in 1971?
Sweeney, Mr Geography 1980's
Tebboth, Mr History/RE 1960-71 lived in Sky Peals Road, E4
Wiltshire, Mr Cricket

Sidney Chaplin Secondary School - List of Staff (alphabetical)
Name Office Years Notes

Sidney Chaplin Secondary School - List of Pupils (alphabetical)
Name Years Notes Notes
Ackland, Steve
Adams, Paul
Andrews, Jann
Aylett, Micky
Bannerman, Carol later - Saville
Barker, Christine
Barnard, Janet
Barrall, Janice
Bartram, Geoff
Bateman, Bob
Battershill, Teri Anne later - Crump
Beard, Ann
Beard, Linda
Beard, William Lived at 2 Valognes Avenue
Beasley, John
Bedford, Susan
Belverstone, Keith Lived in Guildsway
Bentley, Stewart
Bernard, Allison
Bernard, Lorette 1964-68
Betts, Carol
Bibby, Raymond
Bide, Christine
Bird, Michael
Block, Alan
Blowes, Paul
Bluette, Georgina later - Twitchette Lived in Billet Road
Bolingbroke, Roger
Bolton, Jeff
Bond, Dennis 1958-62
Booker, Karen later - Jarvis Lived at 20 Valognes Avenue
Booker, Susan Lived at 20 Valognes Avenue
Booker, Sylvia Lived at 20 Valognes Avenue
Boyden, Michelle
Bramley, Derek 1964-67 Lived in Lawrence Avenue
Brett, Frank
Brewer, Diane 1964 Lived at 34 Valognes Avenue
Brooks, David Lived in Millfields Avenue
Brown, Janet
Brown, Theresa
Bulled, Carol 1963-66 Lived at 44 Cooper Avenue
Bulled, Jacqueline Lived at 44 Cooper Avenue
Bulled, Steven Lived at 44 Cooper Avenue
Bulled, Veronica Lived at 44 Cooper Avenue
Bulled, Yvonne Lived at 44 Cooper Avenue
Bundock, Maxine Lived in Lawrence Avenue
Bundock, Robert Lived in Lawrence Avenue
Burton, Iris
Bush, Jane
Canaven, Diane
Cane, Shelley
Carne, Roger Lived in Cooper Avenue
Carroll, Gillian 1964-67 Lived in Worcester Road
Chambers, Susan
Champkins, Clifford 1964-67
Church, Graham 1964-67 Lived in Higham Hill Road
Cochrane, Danny
Cochrane, Debbie later - Mingins
Cochrane, Janet
Cole, Raymond
Coleman, Tony
Collins, Sharon 1967-70
Cook, Theresa
Cooper, Keith 1958 Lived in Valognes Avenue
Cooper, Rosemary Lived at 30 Valognes Avenue and then 34 Valognes Avenue
Cornell, Christopher Lived in Garnett Way
Cowan, Rosemary Lived at 28 Valognes Avenue
Cox, Jacqueline
Cox, John
Crane, Colin Lived at 392 Billet Road
Crane, Peter Lived at 392 Billet Road
Crookes, Alan left in 1960
Curbishley, Pamela Lived in Ascham End
Davidson, Michael Lived in McEntee Avenue
Deamer, Robert
Deamer, Susan Lived in Lawrence Avenue
DeGutis, Colin 1964-67 Lived in Billet Road
Dide, Ann
Dowding, Ann Lived in Sinnott Road
Dowding, Linda later - Nicholson Lived in Sinnott Road
Dowding, Susan Lived in Sinnott Road
Dowell, Paul
Edwards, Keith
Edwards, Raymond
Edwards, Sharon 1969-71 later - Cordwell
Els, Stanley
Else, Ruth 1964-68 later - Penalver Lived at 22 Cooper Avenue
Exall, Brian
Excel, David
Filby, John
Fitson, June
Fitzgibbon, Edward Lived at 9 Heron Close
Forrester, Richard
Franklin, Edward 1960-61?
Frater, Reggie
Gale, David
Gawlor, Robert
Goldborne, Caroline
Golding, Chris
Green, Jimmy
Greening, Danny
Greening, David
Greenway, Sharon
Griffin, Kathleen
Griffin, Marilyn
Grover, Susan 1966-69
Guillaume, John left in 1974
Guillaume, Julie later - Arkell
Hall, Colin
Hall, Linda left in 1984 Later Letts
Halsey, Malcolm Lived at 40 Valognes Avenue
Hamby, Debbie
Hamerston, Robert Lived at 42 Valognes Avenue and then 44 Valognes Avenue
Hamerston, Stephen Lived at 42 Valognes Avenue and then 44 Valognes Avenue
Hannibal, Sheena Lived at 14 Valognes Avenue
Hards, Diane
Harris, Terry
Harrison, David
Harrison, Eddie Lived in Sinnott Road
Harrison, Fred 1959-60
Hayward, Dawny 1959-60 Lived at 29 Durban Rd E17
Hearn, Paul
Hedges, Susan
Hickey, Robert Lived in Millfields Avenue
Hill, Janet
Hof, Sally
Hoffman, Carole left in 1962
Hoffman, Christine left in 1962
Holmes, Brenda
Hughes, David Brian 1964-68 Lived at 25 Valognes Avenue, then 390 Billet Road
Hughes, David John 1964-67 Lived in Lyne Crescent
Hughes, Gillian Mary 1965 later - Dearman, then Furniaux Lived at 25 Valognes Avenue
Hyder, Rosemary 1958?
Ince, Laura
Izzard, Brenda
Jackson, Doreen 1965 Lived at 19 Valognes Avenue
Jacobs, Colin
Jacobs, John
Jago, Alfie Lived in Lawrence Avenue
Jameson, Susan
Jarvis, Michelle
Jarvis, Paul
Jones, Jennifer later - Mayes
Jones, Jimmy
Jones, Lyndsey
Jones, Susan 1960 later - Henman
Keene, Raymond Lived at 26 Valognes Avenue
Kemp, Janet
Keys, Carol 1958-62
Kirk, Paul
Lake, Karen 1974-76 later - Luck
Lapping, John
Lapping, Mary
Liversidge, Glenn
Long, Robert Lived in Billet Road
Long, Stephen Lived in Billet Road
Mandel, Ann
Mandel, John
Marsden, Tony
Marsh, Peter Lived in Higham Hill Road
Marsh, Sheila Lived in Higham Hill Road
Marten, Maxine
Maynard, Mary later - Huband
Maynard, Sheila
Maynard, Steve
Mechell, Dean
Miles, Margaret
Miller, Martin
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Susan 1964-67 Lived in Sinnott Road
Miller, Susan P 1964-67
Mitchell, Danny
Morris, Danny
Mumford, David
Murray, Anne
Murray, Anne
Nagle, Bruce 1964-67 Lived at 12 Valognes Avenue
Newman, Keith
Newman, Veronica 1958-62
Newton, Michael
Norton, Eric
Norton, Marilyn
Notschild, Stephen 1964-67
Notton, Eric
Notton, Frank
Parish, Raymond
Patrick, Margaret
Payne, Stewart
Peck, Michelle
Pegg, James
Penalver, Janet 1958-62 Later Mrs Bull
Penalver, Linda
Piper, Patricia left in 1962
Pipkins, Jeffrey
Ramsdale, Kenny
Read, Sharon later - White Lived at 12 Cooper Avenue
Reed, Susan
Reeves, Darren
Reeves, Sylvia
Richards, Jim
Richardson, Brian 1958-59
Ridout, Anne Lived in Lowther Road
Rigionne, Christine
Robertson, Jackie
Robinson, Gary
Robinson, John
Rogers, Michelle 1979-81
Rudge, Kim
Rumble, Christine
Sage, Sally
Saunders, Brian 1965-69 Lived at 22 Valognes Avenue
Saunders, David FC 1964-67 Lived at 22 Valognes Avenue
Saunders, Ilona Lived at 22 Valognes Avenue
Saunders, Joseph Lived at 22 Valognes Avenue
Saunders, Peter 1964-68 Lived at 22 Valognes Avenue
Saunders, Roger Lived at 22 Valognes Avenue
Scott, Glen Lived in Higham Hill Road
Sheehan, Patrick
Sheehan, Tom
Simpson, Joseph
Smart, Michael
Smith, Charlene 1963-66 Later Mrs Allen
Smith, Sharon
Smith, Shirley
Smith, Tony
Spalding, John 1964-1967 Lived at 10 Valognes Avenue
Stevens, Susan Elizabeth later - Reyes
Stone, Janet
Stonestreet, Tina
Stotter, Jeffrey Lived at 38 Valognes Avenue
Street, Geoffrey 1964-67
Street, Sandra left in 1962
Sutton, Billy
Sutton, Janice
Thomas, Marilyn left in 1962
Todd, Peter
Trevor, James 1963-67 lived in The Mile End, E17
Trigg, Tracey
Walker, Chris
Walker, Richard
Walker, Valerie
Warby, David
Ward, Graham 1964-67 Lived in Millfield Avenue
Wells, Tina
White, Charlie
White, Terry
Wood, Jean
Wooden, Mandy
Wooden, Martin
Wright, Pat
Wye, Graham Lived in Cooper Avenue
Young, Janet later - Allen

Sidney Chaplin Secondary School - Reunions

Saturday 30th March 2013

Venue: Manzies Pie & Eel Shop in Walthamstow High Street.
Organised By: John Farquhar.
Those Attending: John Farquhar, Janet Ludwig, Janet Stone, Steven Bulled and David B. Hughes

Sidney Chaplin Reunion 2013

Sidney Chaplin Reunion 2013

Saturday 16th February 2013?

Venue: Aldersbrook Bowls Club, Wanstead.
Organised By: John Lapping.

December 2011

Venue: Steven & Shirley Bulleds house in Colliers Row, Essex and then a restaurant at Fairlop Waters.
Organised By: David B Hughes.
Those Attending: Steven & Shirley Bulled, Carol Bulled, David B. Hughes and David Saunders.

Date Notes

Sorry, no further information currently available, but if you wish to add your own memories about this school, email to Daniel at: