Good morning Daniel.
I am writing to you for some advise and action concerning the following. My wife Ann died last September following a lengthy illness. We had been married 63 years and had two children Andrew and Sally. Both attendees Thorpe Hall. This was in the 1970s.
Ann was a teacher at the school during this period. She had the reception class. Mrs Rutter was the headmistress. Ann wrote and illustrated several books about a character Jimmy Bean. She read them to her class on many occasions. i have recently found these books. I have sent the first book. to a publisher who has agreed to print and publish. It will shortly be available via Amazon and other retail outlets. All profits are going to the Queen Elizabeth Hospice and The British Lung Foundation.
I would like to send a copy to the school in the hope that perhaps some parent or other person or even Grandparent may remember Ann and her stories. Thanks, i look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Daniel, it's me again.
Thank you for posting the pic of my husbands Class: he has had a few replies from old friends now! Now its my class photo from march 1952 in Thorpe Hall School.

March 1952 - Thorpe Hall School

March 1952 - Thorpe Hall School

I was Lynda Young then, and I am in the 3rd row from the front far left: the angelic looking one (ha ha!) - other names I remember in the class are: Michael Attwell, Jane Harley, Howard Kenton, Jimmy Stubbs, Rosemary Lewis and Jill Wing...
Thank you again for a brilliant site.

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